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  1. JHowl96

    Go to topping on pizza?

    Meat lovers special, which means bacon, sausage, pepperoni and if feeling adventurous, pineapple!
  2. I prefer living in a town with others since if you're alone, it can get boring after awhile! and also if you wanna get some materials you can ask around!
  3. JHowl96

    Did you like Minecraft Alpha more than 1.11?

    I personally enjoyed playing in Beta when it was first introduced, but then again I enjoyed the bright green grass that Alpha provided for players, so really it's just a 50/50 for me, How about yourself?
  4. JHowl96

    Favorite Movie?

    Hello all, just out of curiosity, what's your favorite movie? Disney, Marvel, Action, that kinda stuff! also would you recommend said movie?
  5. Hello all! I'm kinda new to do renders, and I was wondering, what is the best (possibly free) blender rig that you use? I'm currently using Timys Minecraft Rig v6.4 also if you can link that one you use that would be awesome ! Thanks for reading and have a nice day!