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  1. Impromptu Council Nominations (Round 2!) Discussion

    I Nominate Duant
  2. Put an elytra on hold!!!

    i want to
  3. So.. did you guys vote it shows you guys approved some 


  4. Favorite sports?

    My favorite sport is football, my favorite team is the green bay packers!
  5. What's your dream vehicle?

    I would love to have a batmobile there are only a few in the world and they cost 1 million dollars!
  6. Where Would You Go?

    I would go to great Britian and go exploring the country and go biking!
  7. Favorite Musical!

    My favorite musical is phantom of the oprea!
  8. What's your dream job?

    My dream job is to be an aerospace enginner that works on rockets at nasa, i am going for my degree in the fall spring of 2018 so wish me luck!
  9. IP Cant find it!

    Ok pande, Thanks!
  10. Build Inspiration

    I usually watch some videos of some build styles that i like to gain inspiration and then ill try and mix that style with my own.
  11. Wow, Thanks for building that for the community it will be a real help!
  12. Ok so i cant find the server or discord links anywhere!