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  1. Dochasach

    When Did You Join?

    Hey guys! I was just curious as to when y'all joined minecraft and after all the updates which one was your most and least favorite. ^-^
  2. I like living on the outskirts of a town that way I am still close to the people in the town and everything that goes on, but I am also still alone and work on my own ^-^
  3. Dochasach

    Go to topping on pizza?

    My favorite pizza topping is just cheese. I like my pizza plane and simple. I'm boring I guess Lol
  4. Dochasach


    I LOVE Once Upon A Time on ABC. Its just so fascinating even though I get mad at the decisions made in the show Big Bang Theory is also a really great show.
  5. Dochasach

    Favorite movies

    My favorite movie is Into The Woods. It is a Disney Musical movie. I am a sucker for musicals! ^-^