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  1. LadyStark

    [DISCUSS] Weekly Projects

    PvP arena, imo. And that's for sure, in my eyes
  2. LadyStark

    Winter Build Competition

    Another question I have concerns the theme. Winter Wonderland I must try and clarify what that implies... Whatever people want to build related to Christmas and / or winter? Cuz that's not what appears when you google it and I had no idea of that meaning...
  3. LadyStark

    Everneth's Seventh Council Nomination: Nominate Here!

    I nominate Puddles. Edited
  4. LadyStark

    A Great Empire Expands into Everneth.

    Cool project bro.
  5. LadyStark

    Build Competition Awards Announcement

    Ahah will keep that in mind @sam8ddd! Sorry for being such a try hard
  6. LadyStark

    Build Competition Awards Announcement

    @sam8ddd No one got crushed here, it was all pretty close
  7. LadyStark

    Build Competition Awards Announcement

    I really enjoyed this project! We should do it more often ty for all them compliments See ya online!
  8. LadyStark

    Residential District Build Competition

    I have a question. What happens if a built has no interior design?
  9. LadyStark

    Everneth's Fifth Council Nomination

    I vote for Syb... I guess for the memes......
  10. LadyStark

    Music to game to

    Its lovely Pete
  11. LadyStark

    When did you first start playing minecraft

    Well thank you!
  12. LadyStark

    When did you first start playing minecraft

    I think I started to play on my 18 year old birthday (I'm 20 now). I already knew about mc and had played some faulty downloaded versions but had been awaiting the moment I'd get a pc that would be worth buying an account for. I had been wondering when I'd get it and was already a big fan of it on yt watching Etho and the mindcrack (mc got me into yt) and when I received my brand new pc it was my chance. Since then I also got really hooked for about 1 year. I got the pc right after I didn't pass on an exam that got me stuck for a whole year. That was the year I mostly played mc on. I joined quite a lot of communities, starting by trying to find portuguese communities and then when I found out they were all noobs I spread to international servers. My first real community was North-Craft. I played there for that whole year and still play there once in a while. I met there a lot of friends, including Treb (Treb playes here, for the noobs) and got really envolved on the servers development. In the meantime I was still looking for other good communities and found Dorkies. Dorkies was great. Everyone had so much fun and was the first real vanilla server I played on without getting insta killed or griefed. It was great. But then drama happened and things went south. There was where I met Pete (that will soon join our community cuz I'm making him do it). Because Dorkies had closed, and me and the other guys from that server where now homeless, I went looking for a new vanilla server (North-Craft is kinda modded ish so it doesn't enter this championship). Thats when I found Vanevo. Vanevo was great. My personality kinda bumped a bit with some people there but other than that everyone is nice, things where controlled and I finally had a new home. There I met other great people (you) like Cyber. We had a cool prank team which we'll have to get back to on this map and get pranks rolling if they still aren't. And then some portuguese folks appeared and with then Rizzos appeared. I got to know him better and then I made him become my boyfriend. He didn't have any choice and still hasn't left me after a year. So I think its pretty cool that I met him on Vanevo. Noooooowwww we're here. I don't play as much. I'm pretty happy with Everneth and think it has tons of potencial. Still got my friends and don't know till when I'll play mc. Sorry for the long post, here is a potato.