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  1. When Did You Join?

    Alpha 13. I played actively until Beta 1.2.7, I think. Then, started playing again from release 1.2.1 through 1.5.2. Then I stopped playing until 1.9, then again unti 1.11. My least favorite update was 1.4.4 release, because it added a glitch that would crash the game whenever paintings were loaded, and I was stuck in all my worlds because I decorate all my houses with them. Took them 4 weeks to fix that in 1.5, I think. (Idk, been years, might have forgotten the exact versions.) Horses were 1.6, 1.5 added red stone blocks, light and heavy pressure plates, and comparators (the repeaters with 3 torches, I think.)
  2. Question Game

    What if Pikachu is the philosophy?
  3. How did you find out about Minecraft?

    From a few YouTubers. I bought the game because of a YouTuber, can't remember his name but if you look up X's Adventures in Minecraft, you'll find his series. And then, I stopped playing until beta when a Machinima dude, the one who did the "How To Annoy" series started a MC let's play, his name is CallMeKevin now, used to be zXNoRegretzX.
  4. Would you rather?

    Always speak what's on my mind. I'd be a lot more disliked by everyone, but it'd make me become nicer. Would you rather lose an arm or an eye?
  5. Matching with brands????

    If it looks fine, why does it matter?
  6. How did you got your name? (Minecraft or Other)

    Also the main character from the classic movie "The Iron Giant." Update: Name went from NextelChirp to RoscoesWetsuit.
  7. Favorite Anime

    Another one that I liked was Hunter X Hunter. Really good, it seems really cheery at first, but then a second you go along, it gets dark really fast, especially the Chimera Ant arc. But, I still like Code Geass more.
  8. We can go to Saturn, it doesn't really matter, we can get there, we can do it if we try.

  9. Does Anyone Watch These Shows?

    These are all shows that are on my list. But, as far as shows I really like, the top 3 are The Wire, Breaking Bad, and the first 2 seasons of The Arrow, all in preferential order.
  10. The Pizza Box

    Square boxes can be made with a single piece of cardboard folded onto itself. That's why all boxes are square/cube shaped.
  11. Favorite Anime

    You should try out Code Geass, it's similar in the fact that it requires a great deal of strategy for the characters to survive. Also, a bit of action too.
  12. How did you got your name? (Minecraft or Other)

    NextelChirp is a multilayer name. Firstly, the NextelChirp was something I fondly remember as a kid. Secondly, my favorite artist, Childish Gambino covered a song called NextelChirp and it sounds dope. Also, Lil' Maceo made a banger beat for that song, it's constantly in my head. I also used to switch my name to different Childish Gambino songs, before NextelChirp, I was YaphetKotto.
  13. Favorite Anime

    I liked SAO until the second half of season 1. Being a military dude, I loved Code Geas. Also, Yu-Yu Hakusho and HxH, all in preferential order.
  14. Are video games getting better or worse?

    While the production quality increases for AAA games, and even indie ones, we've been getting the same games from popular franchises over and over again. Now, excuse me as I purge the post-WWII era of Nazis I Never Wolfenstein and slaughter demons in DooM, those are the only two games I enjoy these days.
  15. Any Musicians here, what instruments and how long?

    I play trombone. It's like, 9 feet when it's extended, not that long.