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  1. This or That?

    living to 115 with an infinitely large wallet Right or Left?
  2. Official Museum Post

    I've given you all the leftovers from the gold farm. Basically, a shit ton of stone. Do what you want whit it
  3. Public gold farm

    The Farm is done, it is accessible for everyone through the nether. everyone who donated or tried to will get their name on the MVP wall
  4. Public gold farm

    The public Gold farm is now open! since its primarily a GOLD farm and not an XP one, it has been made for mending/looting swords.
  5. We, the citizens of Heuvel declare our independence After a secret vote in the Village of Heuvel, the villagers, in an overwhelming majority, decided to separate themselves from the newly formed countship of Xadel. In doing so, they cut any current link to the count’s Council but will keep the current trades with the countship members. They also, through this decree, cut any current military alliance to the countship. We hope this will not lead to more war and quarrels between the colonies as more important threats are rising in the north. Signed by: Sh3mm, Representative of Heuvel Warwolf EarthCube Remy
  6. Reset Discussion Thread

    I am for the reset of the map.
  7. Negotiations between Heuvel and Xana have come to a conclusion and we are happy to announce that we have agreed to trade goods between our cities. Heuvel will trade its iron against the magical tools and knowledge produced in Xana to further the economy and military of both cities. This agreement will stand for as long as both cities can profit from it and are not in open armed conflict. However, if one city wishes to suspend it they may do so if they announce it one week prior to ending the agreement. The agreement has no set expiration date. Signed: Sh3mm, Representative of Heuvel MoaBoss, Representative of Cookeh, Baron of Xana
  8. Everneth's Sixth Council Nomination

    can you nominate yourself?, cause if so I nominate loop
  9. The Third Evernethian Expedition

    technically I commented 5th... I don't see why I wasn't part of this expedition
  10. The Third Evernethian Expedition

    I will join the expedition if you so let me, my majesty
  11. The First Evernethian Expedition

    I would quite like to join as well!
  12. anyone knows when the main server map is going to get fixed?
  13. The Wall

    thank you, and you are right about the middle, I meant texture, not color. I like your idea I will incorporate de cracked stone brick
  14. The Wall

    yes, but I need a touch of color in the center aI don't know what else to put there. yes, there is a walkway up top
  15. The Wall

    what do you guy think of my wall design? (keep in mind the two banners will have a cool design)