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  1. Web Developer? thats crazy dude! Keep putting in that work and one day youll make it!
  2. I like living in a town but if i can play with a friend or get to know someone i love building and living with just one other person
  3. Been playing a lot of Battlefield 1, Skyrim, Overwatch and GTA
  4. I love Mac n Cheese inside a baked potato
  5. Lol i do the same thing dont worry
  6. Hey guys im back! Ask me anything and ill answer!


  7. What was/ or is your favorite food. Also it would be nice to include close 2nd and 3rd options
  8. Happy Birthday !
  9. PPPFFFTTTTT, you play Minecraft???
  10. Sick build dude! I love the medieval style and also Happy Birthday dude!