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  1. One time i was announcing at a rally at our highschool and mid speech i felt a sneeze but i kept trying to hold it in but then it made my voice screech and then the sneeze came out and with it, snot. lol. Everyone saw and it was soooo embarazzing
  2. I like living in a town but if i can play with a friend or get to know someone i love building and living with just one other person
  3. What do do, with all the free time?

    Been playing a lot of Battlefield 1, Skyrim, Overwatch and GTA
  4. Favorite Food of all time?

    I love Mac n Cheese inside a baked potato
  5. Favorite Food of all time?

    Lol i do the same thing dont worry
  6. Hey guys im back! Ask me anything and ill answer!


  7. Favorite Food of all time?

    What was/ or is your favorite food. Also it would be nice to include close 2nd and 3rd options
  8. Go to topping on pizza?

    Happy Birthday !
  9. PPPFFFTTTTT, you play Minecraft???
  10. Follow My Build: Frostfjord Citadel

    Sick build dude! I love the medieval style and also Happy Birthday dude!