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  1. sunshinemel

    New RP? (Poll)

    So Cherry Rock RP is basically Anno, right?
  2. sunshinemel

    Favorite game and series?

    Oh, definitely not easy to pick a favourite... I'll just pick whatever pops up first in my head. That would be Triumph! War 2099 for single game and Worms (Arm./WP), the Settlers (II/IV) and Anno (1602/1703) for series. Unfortunately, all of those series got worse by the year.
  3. sunshinemel


    We have a shopping district in the spawn area. There are already a few shops, but there can always be more
  4. sunshinemel

    Rate the avatar above

    10/10. Awesome, original and an actual profile.
  5. sunshinemel

    Describe yourselves in 3 Songs

    I give up. The catch of the game was that you have to choose a fitting song for the person before you, too. But go ahead. Just ignore me people. While I go to my favourite cuddly corner to cry. Just so you know. I still love you people, I'm just disappointed. You broke my heart. It'll take a while to puzzle the pieces together again. So don't mind me. Just go ahead.
  6. sunshinemel

    1.12 News Thread (SPOILER WARNING!)

    Ah, the attention to detail. It warms my heart. But then again, I can't remember to have ever used them... (And neither do I plan to in the near future.)
  7. sunshinemel

    Oh God, yet another useless project...

    Ever got hooked on a project, build it, finished it and then found a major flaw? Well, Here's a shop design I did today. And as of now, I officially hate transparent leaves But the story is not finished here. Of course I tried to use different materials - until I ran out of ideas. In my despair I was left with the one and only melon block. Resulting in the probably most ridiculous design I ever made. Pictures in the link. Have fun.
  8. sunshinemel

    Follow My Build: Colosseum base thing

    I love that design. Tasteful, modern and simple material combination, really nice. The roof is simple, yet pretty, it compliments the overall design. What I would maybe try is connecting the glowstone rows and possibly adding some kind of stone foundation for the pillars on the outer bottom of the build (if that makes as much sense for you as it does in my brain). I'd really love to see this on the server someday
  9. sunshinemel

    Describe yourselves in 3 Songs

    Seriously guys, did you even read the rules??
  10. sunshinemel


    Bless your soul, Stu. Just when I began to seriously doubt my knowledge of the English language. Or should I say 'dout'.
  11. sunshinemel

    I'm Kerfuffled

    Well, I guess it would be really hard to open. It would open with a big *plop* and that's about it. At least that's my prediction
  12. sunshinemel


    Un tout petit peu. J'ai appris le Francais pour 8 ans, mais malheureusement j'en ai oubliƩ trop. So it's kinda hard to write/speak more than one sentence...
  13. sunshinemel

    Rate the avatar above

    9/10 Beautiful colours, almost too detailed for such a small profile pic.
  14. sunshinemel

    Oh God, yet another useless project...

    Presenting yet another (maybe not so) useless Project. Grand Stables I started building a stable tower a while ago. I couldn't stop. And now it grew to a whole complex of towers. To be exact: 1 Lobby Building and 4 identical Towers which are connected by horse-riding-friendly roads. Each Tower has 5 floors, and with 8 bays per floor and a little math you get a total of !160! bays. The stables are mainly for horses, donkeys and muels. It's suitable for Llamas, too. With that much space at hand, there's always the option to connect pairs of bays to an enclosure for other animals, too. The catch of the complex is that the floors are connected in a way, that once you go up one Tower, you have a full circle route through every floor of every Tower. Main materials are Dark Oak, Red Sand, Leaves, orange/lime green Glass and Glowstones. I feel the cauldrons are optional, I just liked that dash of blue. (I will add the estimated amounts once I'm done calculating.) The Lobby will function as passage to the 2 entrances of the Tower complex and will hold everything that you need: Saddles, Leads, Food, Carpets, Horse Armor, Name Tags etc. Now there's only one thing missing: a name. For now it's going by the name of "Everneth Equestrian Empire", but I believe there's still potential. So what do you guys think about the project? Yay or Nay? Any name suggestions?
  15. sunshinemel

    This or That?

    Definitely Blokus. More wins for me Tiles or parquet?