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  1. Sorry, I probably should have mentioned who I knew lol. The two people I know are named xXIcyBoyXx & Ultimatenotch.
  2. Minecraft IGN TheGreatDerpsby Where do you live? (What State if USA) Kansas What is your age? (Don't worry, there isn't a limit) 17 Do you know someone in our Community? Yes, I know 2 people but not very well. Have you been banned elsewhere before? Yes, but the reason that I was banned was because of a misunderstanding. What are you looking for in a Minecraft Community? What I'm looking for in a Minecraft community is that the commands and the way the server works is easy to use. What do you love and/or hate about Minecraft? The thing I love about Minecraft is that you have the ability to explore the different scenery and different biomes. The ability to create and and destroy anything you want. Tell us something about you. I am pretty decent with redstone, I am a just and fair player, I like waffles, and I am pretty decent in architectural building. What is the secret word? Endermite View full application