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Found 6 results

  1. FearlessPie121

    Build Competition: Housing District

    ================================================================= Build Competition ================================================================= Evernethians have found a new world. The Caves remain dark, the Nether a vast fiery pit, and the End undiscovered. The new settlers land on a large forested island. They decide to call this island: Spawn. Far South on this island they find a large lake in the middle of an area they call Housing District. They know not what the land offers, what adventures await, or the story they shall all write... English Translation: The time for the spawn housing district build competition has come! This time, the theme is... No Theme! What does this mean? Literally what is says...Use your imagination (as long as it's a house)! Will you make a starter house, a modern villa, or something completely unexpected? Go wild with your design (as long as it's a house) and make something that will draw the new settlers of Everneth into the Season 5 map! Sign Up Here ================================================================= Time Period/Location + The competition will last from the dates 7/28/18 and 8/25/18...Judging will begin subsequently after. + The location will be Housing District in spawn with coordinates: ~ Overworld X:? Y:? Z:? ~Nether Tunnel X:0 Y:? Z:0 ~It's below Gaming Districk ok?! + Try to be 10 blocks away per perimeter via each 30x30 area to avoid running into others ================================================================= Rules You must sign up to enter the competition Only one entry per player Builds have a 30x30 (X/Z) size limit. Y level is negotiable. Aesthetic decorations are negotiable regarding size limit. Interior reserves the right to edit overly large structures deemed "detrimental to spawn's environment". Follow the guidelines written in the "Location" section above. All builds must have a visible sign claim. Builds must be thoroughly lit up so that hostile mobs do not spawn. Keep it friendly Do not grief Do not plagiarize (this includes using Schematica to copy builds not originally made by the applicant) Pie has absolute and final say in all and any arguments or questions that occur in the competition. The competition starts the moment this entire post is posted. Build Competition will end on 8/25/18 (Saturday) and voting will be available shortly after. People who vote more than twice will have all previous votes voided. Post-Competition, incomplete entries deemed as "ugly for the environment" are allowed to be taken down by Int given Pie's permission and notice. Completed entries are not subject to this rule. The builds will be completely judged by the community via vote. Do not break the Everneth Charter Blatantly breaking the above rules will result in disqualification and the build may be taken down as consequence. Exploitation of loopholes will be counted as 'blatant'. ================================================================= Judges Community: (Yep it's all Public Judging for this one!) Everyone whitelisted and active gets two votes To vote, sign a book and quill and place it inside a voting chest in front of the build You may not vote for the same person twice ================================================================= Prizes** Community Favorite- To be announced.... **subject to change at any time during the competition without notice
  2. Hoodiey

    Castle ideas

    I'm trying to find a good castle build, I wanna take inspiration from other castles. Currently a couple castles i like are the Himeji Castle, Balmoral, and of course Hog warts. Does anyone know any good gothic themed castles? I was hoping to get some knowledge from someone whos had experience in building a large castle.
  3. Hi, so as many of you probably know, I live in a small shack in the SE housing district. Lately, I've been planing to move so I decided to make a new base in the testing world, which I would build later in the main server. In the testing world I decided to make a Japanese Mansion. Due to it being a different style from other buildings and needing a lot of space, I've been thinking of starting a Japanese Housing Community. My intentions are for it to be a great community like the SE one, but mainly Japanese styled. I've asked some people, but none of them are willing to make it real, due to them working on other projects. If any of you think this is a good idea, let me know below and I'll be happy to work with y'all. -Thank you for reading this announcement, Fixemega. PS: If you don't want to build in a Japanese style, but still want to join, then you are welcome to build in whatever style you prefer.
  4. FearlessPie121

    Sky Island Build Competition Sign Ups

    READ ALL ABOUT THE COMPETITION HERE! To sign up just post a reply that answers the following in this format- Minecraft Username: Coordinates of Build: What is is the largest size your build can be? What block are you not allowed to use on your build? How far away from spawn's shore do you have to be to build? Do you unquestionably agree to all the rules? (Yes/No) *you must say "yes" to enter
  5. I am digging a 50x50 hole down to level 9 for a future project and i need a lot of help. I will provide you with an eff 5 pick and I have a haste 2 beacon. If you do decide to help, please repair the pick when it gets down to low durability! INFO: My tunnel: Top green district, purpur tunnel. IGN: NuclearPhys Progress:
  6. Sh3mm

    The Wall

    what do you guy think of my wall design? (keep in mind the two banners will have a cool design)