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Found 1 result

  1. Hello Hello Hello So, I know a few of you guys have heard me yapping on about digging this massive hole in a mountain, and how I shall explain to you my plan. Part 1: Dwarven Cavern For the central bit of my base, I have a 257 block diameter circle outlined, which i will be digging from roughly y=100 to bedrock (and i will be using dragon eggs to flatten out the bedrock). The bottom layer of this giant circle will be (possibly) a flusher mob farm, This would be extremely efficient seeing as the base itself would be a perimeter, and no hostile mobs will be able to spawn anywhere else but that level. On top of that will be a villager powered crop farm. The entire circle will be one giant crop farm, which will then go to feed my villager trading room, which will be positioned somewhere in the cavern, or within the walls of the cavern. The design ill be going for is something similar to this: That being the mostly empty cavern with huge, semi natural looking supports and bridges going from place to place. Within the actual cavern, I'm not sure what else i will build, as I'm keeping just about all farms totally out of this base. I will end up having one of the access terminals to my nexus storage system connected to the central pillar, and thanks to that design, the actual storage can be hidden away either within the pillar itself or along the wall of the cavern. Along the outside walls where caves have intersected the tunnel, i plan to build possible housing for whoever wants to come and chill in the base. I already have DivineBovineYT as a member of the new group, and he has been a huge help in the mining of the cavern. Anyone else who wants to join is free to do so just let me know, i can use all the help i can get with both mining and designing. Just a little progress on the mining. The entire cavern will have something like 5 million blocks mined out by the end of it. Part 2. Farming Base So, as I said i want to avoid cluttering up my main base area with all kinds of farms, and keep that area more aesthetic. After wanting to build one of these since my first map on good ol VanEvo and watching several Hermitcraft players make them over time, I've decided to make a Guardian farm, and around that guardian farm, make a farming district. In this farming district i will have every type of automated farm possible, because the idea of this district is that you can stand in the center and run all of these farms at once (praying that the server can handle it). That will end up including at LEAST: Stone, Wood of every type (though not all at once), prismarine, XP from guardians (not afk cry), food and crops of every kind, slime, afk fish farms and whatever else ive missed. The design for this Farming district will be somewhat darker, im thinking ill use a nether like colour palate. Also, this Farming district will be my only real shop. Part 3. The Afk Shop So as i mentioned in the previous section is that this Farming District will be my only real shop (DAE Inc. Will still exist but its more on an order system rather than a shop you go and buy stuff from whenever). The way i will be doing this is slightly... different. The way it works is that you pay by AFK session. So whether you come for 20 minutes or you are AFK for 12 hours, you pay the same amount, and it wont be much. I will have a redstone system in place to where you and you alone can access what you have been AFK to get, because i know very well what it feels like to have AFKed at a public farm only to find that someone came along and took everything you've gotten. I'm thinking ill use some unique keycard type deal for that, and ill either make one for every player, or have a machine that will spit a random code out that you will have to write down. As a note, the XP farm will be free for all to use, no payment needed. Part 4. The Mountain This bit is... Kinda ridiculous even in terms of what I've already stated. Because of the varying terrain of where I'm located, mountains next to plains next to stone, the circle itself breaks into the air at certain parts. Because of that, and because i think it'll look amazing, I plan to build a mountain. I know it's kinda ridiculous, and it'll take me forever, but i think ill make the build. So anyone who's good at terraforming or like this kind of thing, let me know. The plan is to have it look similar to this: Though scaled down a good deal. I like the way it gradually goes down from the main mountain down to the smaller range of mountains. Also the text in the image isnt mine... So there ya go, thats the plan. Any questions let me know. If you want to help mine you are welcome to, and you can keep whatever you find (just send me a ping and ill tell you where to do it)