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Found 2 results

  1. The clouds in the sky drift away as dusk turns to dawn. The cries “For Kingstone!” can be heard miles around throughout the night. By mid day the horns of Kingstone victory are blown, declaring Kingstone victorious, but at what cost? Meanwhile in Kuiken, the last home had been destroyed and the ports falling in on themselves, market tents in shambles and not a soul other than the remaining Bandits picking apart the place dry by early morning. The remaining ships were the ones out at sea, about to come back to the shambles known as Kuiken. Kordon had been fighting off the siege along with an amount of Kingstone soldiers. After summoning a wave to wipe the hordes, Kordon fell to his knees, grasping the handle of the Prismarine Blade tightly, turning his knuckles white. After an attempt to stand again after a minute of wheezing, an arrow fired from behind the remains of a building, knocking Kordon into the waters of the port. Sinking into the waters, nearing towards a sunken trade ship, Kordon took this moment to relax as the Blade would keep him safe from drowning underwater. His eyes went heavy when he reached the floor of the bay, feeling the comfort of the warm water and sand. Waking up hours later, the cuts and strikes Kordon suffered had stained the sand but also were looking better than when he got them. Leaning up against something that should not have been there to him, a piece of the port, Kordon looked around with dread as he rose up from the depths. Surfacing, Kordon swam to the edge of the bay and climbed up the ruins of the port. What he saw brought a tear to his eye, it was the destruction of Kuiken all over again. The residents had retreated to Kingstone long before this happened, but the corpses of the siege were very convincing. “I’ll protect you better next time, I promise” Kordon muttered under his breath as he stumbled around the ruins, the water in the humid air clinging to his skin dropped as he sheathed the Prismarine Blade. Kordon started to make his way to Kingstone, hopefully before the casualty report arrived for any eyes to see. Hearing the victory horns halfway, Kordon responded with a force of habit, a quiet “For Kingstone…”
  2. Kordon is my role play character that I will be playing as for everneth seasons 4, 5 and possibly more. His entire generation was blown away due to an explosion of some sorts. Icarus Forde had found Kordon as the sole survivor of the island on his journey to a new home and Picked him up from there. When the creation of the Mantisphere shattered Vennterria, much of the mainland was lost to the sea. From the calamity, an island was formed. The Ancient Vennterrians who survived there named their new home Kuiken. They lost all connection to the rest of the world and the shifting plates would only pull them farther from home. Isolated, they united. With no threats of invasion or civil war, Kuiken prospered. Legend has it that the small island quickly became an advanced civilization, all thanks to a gift from Poseidon, God of the Sea. He had bestowed upon them a powerful source of magical energy, and it became the fuel for their innovation. The golden age of Kuiken wouldn't last, however, and as the years came and gone the arcane orb began to break down. Pulses of nausea radiated from its core, and when an attempt was made to remove it, the jewel erupted, leveling their entire civilization and leaving mystical radiation in its wake, corrupting the populace into lesser Alvionspawn and driving those who survived the explosion into madness. Kordon, was fishing out at sea when Poseidon appeared before him out of the waves. He warned of the desolation of Kuiken and gifted him with a turquoise sword named the Prismarine Blade. It empowered him with great strength, and he used it to exterminate the mindless abominations of what used to be his people. When the battle fever left him he found himself a different man, and he realized what a terrible cost came with the sea god's gift. Icarus Forde, a vassal of the Empress of Brytannia, guided his fleet in pursuit of the indigo smoke spotted on the horizon. With nothing left to go back to, Kordon decided to join their quest to find a new home.