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Found 1 result

  1. NeonNarwhal4

    Put an elytra on hold!!!

    THIS SERVICE AS OF 6/16 IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hello, Everneth! As of today, 5/20/17, I am now accepting holding orders for elytras! You can put an elytra on hold and get one the moment I have one with your name on it! The basic concept is below: One elytra is 20 diamonds Only one elytra per week per person It is a first come first serve kind of system, I will have a list of names in order of who gets an elytra first. I will message you when I have an elytra with your name on it. If you already have the payment, then there will be a chest in the End-less Wonders shop to put your payment in. The moment your payment is in there, then msg me on discord. My discord is also NeonNarwhal4. Note: The End-less Wonders shop location is going to be changing. The current waiting list is below if you would wish to put an elytra on hold, reply to this post. Again, it is first come first serve. -NeonNarwhal4 Current list: (If a * is next to your name that means that there is an elytra for you!) Novellee* DivineBovineYT Amount of elytras currently without a name on it: Zero I go endventuring every weekend.