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Found 1 result

  1. FearlessPie121

    Winter Build Competition

    WINTER/CHRISTMAS BUILD COMPETITION ================================================= Winter has come and it's time to spread holiday cheer. It's time for the seasonal build competition (Stark/Kathi's favorite time of the year). Now don't be a Scrooge, grab a friend, build something huge. My limericks suck, but who cares? Just read what's here. ================================================= Details: Now, for anyone new to the Everneth community, welcome! This here is one of many events that Interior members such as myself will be setting up and running to bring together the whole server into doing something fun. This time around, with the permission from Interior to advertise, I am hosting another one of my build competitions. The veterans I know are already itching with new ideas but hold your horses for just a sec. For the newbies out there, basically I give out set time frame (usually a month), a theme and area to build in, and you have until the final submission day to build your project. The winner gets a very hefty diamond prize as well as an Outstanding Build medal. Winners are determined by a panel of judges selected by myself as well as a community vote for community favorite (forum medal only goes to first place unless Face wants to make places but he hasn't in the past so...unlikely). Intimidated? Well don't be! This build competition, due to the mass amount of friend groups I have been seeing, I am allowing builders to form teams of a maximum 2 people per team per entry. This competition will last from the moment this is posted to: December 30, 2017 Judging begins: December 31, 2017 Prizes will be announced: January 1, 2018 The theme is: Winter Wonderland Competition Coords are X: -64 Y: 80 Z: 1579 -or- Nether Hub Trail at Bottom Yellow X: -7 Y: 62 Z: 51 Sign Up Here ================================================= Rules: By signing up, players agree wholly to these rules. No exceptions. FearlessPie has the final say in any issues that may occur during the competition. Maximum of two builders per team; Only one entry per team/player. Builds must be about 50x50 in area; negligible height Build borders must be adequately marked and claimed Builds must be well lit (no creepers when we judge! ) Builds must not cause intended harm to visiting players in any way, shape, or form. Builds will be Judged by a panel of Judges. After December 30, 2017, all builds will be considered finished and must not be touched and/or edited. Stay within the designated build area (indicated by netherrack pillars). Rewards are static and will not be doubled for Teams. Failure to comply with the rules will result in disqualification. Judge Rubric: Theme (2 points) Build resembles Winter and/or Christmas theme Aesthetics (5 points) 5 points- Build has an aura that invites the player to explore further. Details are amazing, techniques used are very tasteful, and further examination of the build shows that there is even more than meets the eye. 3 points- Build has an aura that invites the player to explore further. Details are quite good, techniques used are average, and the entirety of the build is presented neatly after a quick run through. 1 point- What the heck is this? You just copied and pasted a YouTube tutorial didn't you? Or did you even try? Judge Opinion (3 Points) *Zero Points may be given in a category for failure to comply at the Judge's discretion. Rewards: 1st Place - 64 Diamond Blocks 2nd Place- 32 Diamond Blocks 3rd Place- 16 Diamond Blocks