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    Beo: 除了文福外,欢迎大家!wait I didnt mean that. fuckin google translate.

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    Just for people that want to have a HAPPY - HAPPY - FUN-TIME.

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    Hi, Monika here! Welcome to the Literature Club! It's always been a dream of mine to make something special out of the things I love. Now that you're a club member, you can help me make that dream come true in this cute game! Every day is full of chit-chat and fun activities with all of my adorable and unique club members: Sayori, the youthful bundle of sunshine who values happiness the most; Natsuki, the deceivingly cute girl who packs an assertive punch; Yuri, the timid and mysterious one who finds comfort in the world of books; ...And, of course, Monika, the leader of the club! That's me! I'm super excited for you to make friends with everyone and help the Literature Club become a more intimate place for all my members. But I can tell already that you're a sweetheart—will you promise to spend the most time with me? ♥

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    W-W-W-Wow!™ An officially licensed Fan Club! We specialize in Art, Design, and Memes :D If you want to join, Message MarioStar621! (IGN: MaroTV)

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    Navigate this club by using the tabs above! The Dragonhearted is a guild independent of the factions and national interests dominating the land. Politics does not exist within areas protected by the Dragonhearted. The guild does not seek to assert power over other citizens of Everneth, nor their individual factions and governments. The Dragonhearted exist for one purpose only: To be the first and last line of defense for the peaceful villagers of Everneth. The guild is guided by six tenets that every member is expected to follow.

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    Hello, If you are a good builder and you are interested in helping the community: We Want You!

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    We bring you the hottest news, every week.

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    If you aren't cool, you can talk to the hand.
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    The official club for the second expedition settlement of the roleplay, Garmany.

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    This club hasn't provided a description.

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