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About This Club

Navigate this club by using the tabs above! The Dragonhearted is a guild independent of the factions and national interests dominating the land. Politics does not exist within areas protected by the Dragonhearted. The guild does not seek to assert power over other citizens of Everneth, nor their individual factions and governments. The Dragonhearted exist for one purpose only: To be the first and last line of defense for the peaceful villagers of Everneth. The guild is guided by six tenets that every member is expected to follow.

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  2. Greetings, Knights of the Dragonhearted! This thread is for all the new members to introduce themselves to one another. I am Knight-Commander Tex, founder of the guild. I started the guild as a way to unify my playstyle in MC, and want to spread the idea as a fun way to play the game with other people.