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  3. Hippity Hoppity, Let's Hunt Eggs on Public Property! Easter is just around the corner (2 weeks!) and we will have a throwback from way back in Season 3: a Spawn Easter Egg Hunt! But for those that remember it, this one is going to be much more in depth considering the larger spawn and vast jungle we have. There will be a total of 50 Eggs hidden throughout spawn (details below), but we need your help filling them! Anyone with a generous soul is welcome to donate anything they would like to see fill the eggs. Other Events for the Holiday are also planned so keep an eye out for those. There are no such things as bad prizes!*except rotten flesh About the Hunt 50 Eggs will be hidden within 500 blocks of 0,0 -or- within the Jungle Biome of 0,0; Both are fair game Each Egg is a renamed Shulker Box recolored to better camouflage it There will be a public Egg Board where people can claim found eggs so others know if one has been found or not. The Egg Board will serve as the only clue as to how many of each colored egg there are NO BLOCKS WILL BE REQUIRED TO BREAK TO FIND ANY EGGS The Hunt will begin with a Countdown on Saturday, April 11th; 1pm EST The Hunt "ends" when all the eggs have been found 3 Eggs are special and hidden behind Puzzles. 9 Normal Eggs will contain clues to those 3 special eggs
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  5. Not quite sure if that is really considered an anime, but its as close as I've gotten
  6. I haven't watched any sort of anime since I was 9, but at that time it was definitely Yu-Gi-Oh!
  7. 1.15.1 in a heartbeat because there are SO MANY features and cool things that 1.8 lacks
  8. 3 words: Fat, Sugar, and Carbohydrates πŸ˜‚
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  10. Everneth Spleef Tournament III It has been a whole 8 months since the last one but we finally did it! The third Evernethian Spleef Tournament took place last Saturday and while some people were having fun, there were some who sadly had to uninstall the game after losing the Finals. Yep I'm talking to you aaron! We have some medals to give out to those who didn't immediately spleef themselves: Team Spleef Gold _Studio528_ & LtSnorlax Team Spleef Silver Beolyx & aaronmango Team Spleef Bronze WenFuutje & AsTuriuBanana Golden Shovel Beolyx - 5 Featherlight Boots aaronmango & Beolyx (2) Statistics: Falls: Beolyx- 2 aaronmango- 2 AsTuriuBanana- 3 Kaddaschatzi- 4 LtSnorlax- 4 _Studio528_ - 4 FearlessPie - 5 Sinks: Beolyx - 5 LtSnorlax- 4 Kaddaschatzi - 4 _Studio528_ - 3 aaronmango - 2 FearlessPie - 1 TrebbleM - 0 Sybillian - 0 lemonyfart - 0 Mr_Puddles- 0 ――――――――――― *In conclusion we would like to give a big THANK YOU, to everyone who participated and to those who just came by to spectate the match. We are looking forward to seeing you all participating again in other events we have planned!* ――――――――――― This event was only possible with the help of the Community Developers. If you would like to become one apply here.
  11. I am SYBILLIAN and my teammate is TREBBLEM and we are here to bully KATHI
  12. sign me up pls, its turning spring we need to rid of the snow.
  13. Kathi gave me a shovel and told me to win. Please help
  14. I am team with that noobsie a.k.a aaron
  15. I wish to have the opportunity to be spleefed and to spleef others.
  16. Everneth Spleef Tournament III +―――――――――――+ Bring a Friend | Teams of Two Saturday, March 21st | 1 PM EST IP: games.everneth.com +―――――――――――+ Overview ――――――――――― Spleef is a minigame where players aim to destroy the floor underneath their opponents' feet in order to make them fall out of the arena. Naturally, the last man standing wins. RULES ――――――――――― Intentionally punching players is not allowed. Disqualification for breaking this rule is at the discretion of the Community Developer running the round. Since we've had issues with players trying to run away from their opponents in the past arena decay is now enabled from the start of the round. Contrary to the previous tournament we won't add up the time that you stay alive. So if both teammates fall off the platform before the opposing players do you are out! You can bring a friend too. Just sign your IGN and his/ hers so we know! AWARDS ――――――――――― Team Spleef Gold - Awarded to the winners of the tournament. Team Spleef Silver - Awarded to the runner-ups of the tournament. Team Spleef Bronze - Awarded to the second runner-ups of the tournament. Golden Shovel Medal - Awarded to the player with the most sinks. Featherlight Boots - Awarded to the player with the least falls. CLOSING AND SIGNUPS ――――――――――― Both teammates have to reply to this thread to have your team enter into the tournament! To sign up for the third Spleef tournament, reply to this thread. If you do not have a teammate you may sign up solo. We will try to pair solo players with one another. However if there's too little players you will have to participate by yourself. ――――――――――― *If you sign up, please make sure to check Discord or the forums a day prior to the event as I will announce the details including the qualifying groups then.*
  17. Everneth Spleef Tournament III +―――――――――――+ Teams Saturday, March 21st | 1 PM EST IP: games.everneth.com +―――――――――――+ To sign up to this event please reply to this thread! This post will be updated as people sign up. Feel free to ask any questions you have here as well. SIGNED UP ――――――――――― aaronmango & Beolyx Pandeoo & Cerium WenFuutje & AsTuriuBanana Kaddaschatzi & FearlessPie Studio528_ SillyEmily AmzCuriousPanda Kovandu lemonyfart Sybillian *Sign ups will close on 21st of March at 12:00 pm EST, so we can form the brackets*
  18. Welcome to the forums! Next you will want to make an introduction here. In order to get whitelisted, you just need your introduction. Once you have met all of your requirements, staff will inform you with a [ REQUIREMENTS WAIVED ] post. Staff will then hold a vote to see if you are fit for the community. Within 24 hours, a decision will be made and you will be greeted with either an [ APPROVED ] or a [ DENIED ] post depending on the outcome. Here are a few rules for general forum etiquette: 1. Don't spam. We want all posts to be meaningful and add to the conversation. Please make sure to make all of your posts longer than one line. Also make sure to take time in making your posts to avoid crowding others out of the conversation. 2. Don't necro-post. This is when you reply to a thread older than a few weeks. If you really feel that you have something important to say about it, feel free to start a new thread and link the old one so everyone knows what you are talking about. 3. Don't double-post. This is when you reply to the same thread twice before someone else does, if you need to add something to your last post, make sure to use the edit button at the bottom of your post instead. 4. Be nice. Be nice and respectful to everyone on the forums. We all want everyone here to have a good time, so please do not ruin this experience for others. You can also find our discord here: https://discord.gg/pGCUbA9 Good luck on getting whitelisted!
  19. Welcome to the forums! Good luck on getting whitelist!
  20. Minecraft IGN Squishysushie Where do you live? (What State if USA) California What is your age? (Don't worry, there isn't a limit) 29 Do you know someone in our Community? Yes, Jaceygoo Have you been banned elsewhere before? Nope What are you looking for in a Minecraft Community? Making new friends, building a bunch of stuff and making my kingdom What do you love and/or hate about Minecraft? Its blocks... what is there not to love~ Tell us something about you. I'm a tiny little asian who just want to explore and build my army of chickens What is the secret word? Ghast View full application
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