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  2. 1.16 ⁠— The Nether Update Everneth will be updating to Minecraft Java Edition 1.16.1 at 1 pm EST today! With this newest version comes a treasure trove of features (some of which even contain treasure). The Nether Update brings new biomes, new mobs, new structures, new blocks, new ores, and much much more! Our entire staff team has been hard at work making all the necessary changes to update the server over the past day and a half. You will not only have the features Mojang delivered with the Nether Update, but you will also have a few other changes courtesy of Parliament. Reset Dimensions To make sure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy all of the new features exclusive to the new nether biomes, we have reset the nether. And do not worry, the nether hub is still up above the roof! We also transferred all builds submitted to the Points of Interest form along with anything else we saw hanging out on the roof. We know that many players plan to mine tons of ancient debris so they can upgrade their armor. To conserve the natural beauty of our new nether dimension, we kindly ask that everyone does not use explosives within 500 blocks of 0,0 — an area that we will be referring to as Nether Spawn. While we were at it, we also reset the outer end islands. As per usual, the central end island along with the Ender Ender and any other builds nearby were not harmed. Expanded World We also knew that everyone might enjoy some additional space in our world, so we expanded the world borders in the overworld and the nether from 5000 blocks in every direction to 7000 blocks in every direction (nearly double the land area). Another 1000 block expansion in every direction will occur when the official roleplay begins. Updated Datapacks This season, we have had three datapacks to add a little spice to the vanilla experience. With 1.16, all three of these datapacks have received an update. The BlazeandCave Advancement Datapack now includes over 100 new advancements for a grand total of 380. There is even one that references me, Pande!!! Originally, the only reward for players who completed all of the advancements was "a lifetime supply of [Riki's] undying pity," but there is now a secondary prize: a copy of your unique player head! When joining the server for the first time please don't be alarmed if you get up to 20 advancements at once. Those are mostly statistics advancements for which a lot of you will have met requirements already! The Armor Statues Datapack has been updated to version 2.7. That means that you can now nudge, position, and rotate armor stands relative to your position and even make item frames invisible! The old book won’t have the new features, so be sure to pick up a new one at the spawn pond. The Mob Heads Datapack had to be completely redone since the heads turned into Steve and Alex skins on update. The mechanics of the datapack are the same — explode mobs with a charged creeper and get their heads — but our library of heads has changed slightly. Redundant heads like the biome variations of villager and zombie villager head by were removed while the heads of the new 1.16 mobs were added. Additionally, a few of the textures were changed and the bug where villager heads could be obtained with looting has been fixed. Your old mob heads will still turn into Steve and Alex skins in 1.16, but staff will be able to refund them for the new versions if they still have their original names. Amended Rules Lastly, we made two amendments to our charter for 1.16: The Naturally Generated Structures Claiming Amendment and the PVP Across Dimensions Amendment. Together these amendments make the following changes: Land and naturally generated structures in the nether and the end are now claimable. All claimed naturally generated structures (including those in the overworld) will be considered abandoned after 25 days unless the owner uses the claim to build a farm or base. PVP in the nether and the end is now allowed, but all participants must accept that lava or void may result in the loss of items. Conclusion If you have any questions concerning any of these changes, do not hesitate to ask a staff member. We are always here to help! I also sneaked a quick screenshot of 0,0 in the Nether just for you, so don't tell anyone! Signed, Pandeoo Current Serving Count of the High council
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  4. I don't get along with bees since I get stung every few months, it hurts.
  5. I was looking for a new SMP since the server I used to be on isn't as nice anymore, my friend Neo told me about everneth so I applied.
  6. I only build medieval style builds but I think I want to try make a futuristic megabase.
  7. I Normally prefer comfort foods like pizza, ice cream and pasta
  8. I applied for whitelist just wanted to ask if the server has a shopping district
  9. Neo told me about this server and that it is safe and that the community and players are really nice, I would like to become a member of it.
  10. I am PlumMint2864, the reason I came to this server is because the server I used to play on turned into a cracked server. I am not the best at redstone or pvp. im decent at building. I prefer medieval style builds. I spend most of my time building, mining and spending diamonds in the shopping district. I hate anarchy servers where a person can destroy or raid another's creation. I like minigames like spleef and the button. I don't like it when people set up lava traps. I wasn't a staff member on any server before. this may be my second SMP server which im really excited about.
  11. Minecraft IGN PlumMint2864 Where do you live? (What State if USA) Kuwait What is your age? (Don't worry, there isn't a limit) 15 Do you know someone in our Community? I do NeostarBG Have you been banned elsewhere before? No I was never banned from a server What are you looking for in a Minecraft Community? I am looking for a safe server where I can build and make projects. I also want a server where I can make loads of friends. What do you love and/or hate about Minecraft? I love the community inside Minecraft. I hate griefers and creepers Tell us something about you. I used to play on a server called EmpireCraft SMP they were good until the server turned cracked. I also like to build medieval style builds What is the secret word? Ghast View full application
  12. Hey folks, I've been working on and off for a while on a light resource pack making small changes that in my opinion make the game a little bit cleaner. It's made primarily for PvP, but it's also pretty convenient for survival. It doesn't drastically change the way the game looks, so you could use it overlaid over your own pack and they would mesh relatively smoothly, though it will overwrite some things. The pack itself isn't 100% complete, but I wanted to go ahead and upload what I have so far in case y'all want to use it for the upcoming UHC, since there aren't a lot of PvP packs for the current Minecraft version. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/uc24ce78iqavo9e/Sybillian_PvP_Overlay_v0.1.zip/file Full list of changes: Swords are slightly shorter and the tip is changed. Shield is lowered to be less obtrusive. Player heads dropped on the ground are 3x larger. When drawing a bow, the tip of your arrow will change color depending on how far back you've drawn it. Ore blocks have highlighted borders, allowing you to spot them when they're in lava pools and more easily in general. Enchantment tooltips are colored and have a little icon depending on the type of item they can be applied to. This is more for survival when you have loads of books, but it's sexy so it stays. The pumpkin overlay is drastically more transparent. The crosshair is much smaller than vanilla. Potion effect particles are more visible. Your hearts when inflicted with the Wither effect are more easily visible. Screenshots:
  13. ULTRA HARDCORE SEASON XV Free for All Saturday, June 13th | 1:00 PM EDT IP: games.everneth.com UHC OVERVIEW ――――――――――― Ultra Hardcore is a battle royale-style PvP event pioneered by the Mindcrack group in which players are spread across a limited section of naturally generated terrain. Using whatever you can mine, forage, and loot, your goal is to be the last player standing. Natural health regeneration is disabled, so the only way to regenerate lost health is by eating golden apples and heads, or by using potions of instant healing. By surviving the dangers of the world around you and killing opposing players, you may find yourself the winner of Everneth's most challenging PvP event. This season features some significant changes and improvements over past matches, so please read this post in its entirety. GAME INFO: Team Size: Free for All Max Players: 30 Scenarios: Bleeding Sweets: On death, players drop 1 diamond, 5 gold, 1 book, 2 string and 16 arrows. Timber: Breaking a log of a tree will cause the whole tree to fall down. Hasty Boys: Every tool you craft will have Efficiency III and Unbreaking I. PVP Enabled: 20 minutes Final Heal: 10 minutes Border: 2000x2000 🡒 50x50 over 90 minutes. Shrinking begins at 30 minutes, which means that it will end at 120 minutes. Meetup: 90 minutes Server Difficulty: Easy Ores: Caves only Nether: On Horses: On Biomes: Oceans are replaced with plains and forests. RULES ――――――――――― Indirect PvP (lava buckets, traps, etc.) is not allowed before PvP is enabled. Cross-teaming/trucing is not allowed. Trapping Nether portals is not allowed. Mods are not allowed, with the exceptions of Optifine, the Replay Mod, and Badlion Client (BLC's world map mod is not allowed). Skybasing - defined as building high up into the air to create an artificial chokepoint - is banned. Branch mining is allowed for this season, but it is important to note that ores will only generate in caves. BALANCE CHANGES ――――――――――― The following section will detail the ways in which matches of UHC differ from vanilla survival. Largely, the game will function exactly the same, but a few minor tweaks have been made to encourage exciting and fair gameplay. Some balance changes may not apply in all scenarios. When players die, they will drop their head. If you surround the head with gold ingots in a crafting table, you will create a Golden Head, which, when eaten, will restore twice as much health as a golden apple does. Apples have a 1% drop rate (2x vanilla), and can drop when leaves are broken with shears. Additionally, they will drop from any type of leaves. Ghasts do not drop ghast tears to prevent the crafting of regeneration potions. Instead, they have a 100% chance of dropping 1-3 gold ingots. Endermen have a 100% chance of dropping 1 ender pearl, and a 20% chance of dropping 1 dragon's breath. Blazes have a 100% chance of dropping 1 blaze rod. Zombie Pigmen have a 100% chance of dropping 1-2 gold nuggets, and a 50% chance of dropping 1 nether wart. Horses & llamas have a 100% chance of dropping 1-2 leather. AWARDS ――――――――――― Players who perform great feats in a game of UHC will be rewarded with medals - they will display on your forum profile next to all of your posts. Champion - Awarded to the last player standing! Ironman - Awarded to the last player to receive a point of damage. Sanguine - Awarded to the player to slay the most opponents. Midas - Awarded to the player to acquire and eat the most Golden Apples. First Blood - Awarded to the first player to kill an opponent. Titanslayer - Awarded to the player who kills the previous season's Champion (Currently Kaddaschatzi). CLOSING AND SIGNUPS ――――――――――― As always, this season will be hosted on games.everneth.com - the server will open at 12:45 PM EDT, and the game will begin at 1:15 PM. Anyone arriving later will be automatically put into spectator mode and will not be able to participate in the match. Don't be late; we can't start over for you! Unlike previous seasons, there's no need to sign up for this one. Just join the server once it's open! Mind that you will need to be a whitelisted member of our server to participate. Getting whitelisted isn't hard, though - click here to join our Discord server and get started!
  14. I’ll join for the meme of helping puds fall for the most obvious checkmate, HGWicks#0467
  15. I proposed a similar role to Face back in March. A pin was put on it since most of his efforts are put towards revamping the site. I wouldn't expect any actual changes until we finish taking the necessary baby steps. We've just barely become Discord-only with whitelisting, so a good time frame for having something like this implemented would honestly be July at the earliest but most likely August. That being said, there is nothing stopping you from asking a Baron or Count(ess) to ping once for you. It's one of the reasons they're given their job, to help the community.
  16. Pretty simple. At the moment, there is really no reliable way to get an event announced. If an event is not advertised on #builliten-board the organizer has to resort to constant advertising. By allowing people to apply to have an event announced, this spam is greatly reduced while allowing staff to still control the channel.
  17. I'll join for the meme of falling for the most obvious checkmate
  18. Sign me up as well Kaddaschatzi / Kaddaschatzi#0001
  19. If there are an uneven number of players, someone has to not play. That person gets a bye.
  20. excuse me for asking, but wtf is a bye? also consider this a signup. IGN Dauntlessfive513 discord DauntlessFive513#7474
  21. Chess Tournament I Begins Friday, May 29 Final Match on Saturday, June 6 (Time TBD) Organized by 20JPorter Chess Arena at 116, 23 Chess is one of the oldest games in the world, and for a good reason; Chess is the closest to a perfect game that will ever be created by mortal men. Thanks to HGWicks with help from Shawn, we have a Chess Arena now! This has led me to have Everneth's first Chess Tournament! Battle with others to achieve a prize of 64+ Diamonds! Signing up is free! Here are the details of the event: The Tournament Part A: Round Robin The first 4 days of the event will be a 2 round Round Robin. On May 28, participants will be paired to another random participant. Between May 29-30, they must play a game of Chess (preferably at the Chess Arena) and report the results to 20JPorter. Players must contact each other and find a common time to play. You must finish a game and report the results by Midnight EST. To report the results, both players must message me (20JPorter). If you fail to play a game, it will count as a loss to both of you. If your opponent is incompetent at finding a time, report it to me so i can review it. Chess.com matches are allowed as a last resort but the results are still due at the same time. This process will be done again on May 31-June 1. The top 8 players will advance, as determined by points. A win is 3 points, a bye is 2, a tie is 1, and a loss is 0. In the case of a tie in points, the participant with the earliest win moves on. Part B: Single Elimination After the Round Robin is complete, I will seed the top 8 players into a 3-round single-elimination bracket. Round 1 will occur between June 3-4, Round 2 will occur on June 5, and the Final Round will occur on June 6, preferably at 1 PM EST. In the case of a tie, the players must play one more game. If that is a tie, 20JPorter will use a random process to decide who moves on. The Rules Don't Be a Jerk and Use Logic. For any needed clarifications, contact 20JPorter. Betting While we cannot restrict betting on individual matches, it is highly discouraged, However, there will be an official avenue for betting. On June 2, the Top 8 Bracket will be announced. You will then have the opportunity to fill out a bracket with a fee of 8 diamonds, which go the the pot. Whoever has the most accurate bracket wins 75% of the pot, with the other 25% going to the winner of the tournament! There will be no games on June 2 in order to provide ample time to bet. Any games played on June 2 will not count. In the case of a tie, the pot will be split as evenly as possible, with any "leftover" money in the split going to the tournament winner. Signing Up To sign up, comment below with your IGN and Discord Name (with #XXXX). There is no fee to enter! Current Participants: 20JPorter Daunt Shawn FearlessPie ItDoNotMatter Kathi Puddles HGWicks IngrainIngram _Cash_ Phase I: Round Robin Round 1 20JPorter vs. Ingram Daunt vs. Pie (Forfieture) Shawn vs. Kathi IDNM vs. Pudds Cash vs. HG Winner Loser Tied Not Played Round 2 20JPorter (3) vs. IDNM (3) Kathi (3) vs. HG (3) Pie (3) vs. Shawn (0) Pudds (0) vs. Daunt (0) Ingram (0) vs. Cash (0) Winner Loser Tied Not Played Bracket Send all filled brackets to 20JPorter#6115 Round 1 NO GAMES ON JUNE 2
  22. Welcome! Phantoms are the worst, I place my bed immediately once the sunsets lol. Good luck!
  23. Welcome! Hope to see you soon! I think birch is kinda nice.. depending on how its used of course. Birch forests are actually pretty to walk through.
  24. The Fifth Evernethian Auction Saturday May 16, 2020 at 1:00 PM EST Top Floor of the Mini Cathedral (-50, -60) With quarantine seeming like it'll never end, players across the globe have come together to play on Everneth. During these times, many interesting items have likely been found or created. This has created the perfect opportunity for another auction! If you have something you want to auction off, you're in luck! Like always, the auction is completely free to attend and has no extra charges! There is no charge to put things up for auction and no additional fee to the sale price! Anyone can bid either in game or by Discord. All diamonds should be paid as soon as possible to the labeled chest in the top floor of the Mini Cathedral. To enter an item, message 20JPorter in-game or by Discord (20JPorter#6115)! Item List: A Shulker of Obsidian. Sold by Danified. Starting Bid: 1 dia SOLD to Pie for 90 gr2007's soul. Sold by gr2007. Starting Bid: 1 diamond SOLD to Drag for 3 A working in-game robot! Sold by Zomb33. Staring Bid: 2 dia SOLD to Neon for 2 A Shulker of Iron Ore. Sold by Neon. Starting Bid: 1 dia SOLD to Trebb for 20 Map Art Comission from Shawn. Sold by Shawn. Starting Bid: 1 dia SOLD to Mz for 32 dia 5 Beacons. Sold by Neon. Starting Bid: 32 dia SOLD to Pie for 74 32 Shulker Shells. Sold by Kathi. Starting Bid: 8 dia SOLD to Mz for 8, Drag for 8 The First Home in Verdanton. Sold by 20JPorter. Starting Bid: 8 dia SOLD to Pie for 9 6 God Picks (Seperate). Sold by Danified. Starting Bid: 1 dia SOLD 5 Pudds, 5 Ingrain, 4 IDNM, 3 MZ, 4 Neon, 4 Kathi Channeling Trident. Sold by Kathi. Starting Bid: 16 dia SOLD for 16 to Pudds "Don't Buy This" Copy of Original Book by Pie. Sold by Pie. Starting Bid: 1 dia SOLD to Drag for 10 dia "Ironhearted", the original copy of a book written and signed by King Faceman. Sold by 20JPorter. Starting Bid: 8 diamonds SOLd to Neon for 130
  25. Welcome to the forums! Good luck with the wl
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