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Village and Pillage IS HERE!!

Minecraft 1.14 has come to Everneth, and a bigger world along with it!
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    Color Control is a fast-paced game of resources. Players will collect resources for their team by capturing a grid of cubes and protecting them from enemies, and can then use those resources to create equipment and structures to help them take down the opposing team - every few minutes, however, the cubes will rotate. The game is won by either having the most points at the end of the game or by destroying the glass tower located behind the enemy spawn. Color Control is completely configurable, allowing you to tweak the game to your tastes.

    Image Capturing
    To win a match of Color Control, you have to capture cubes for your team. Once a cube is captured, it will spawn resources for your team - iron, diamonds, and blocks, to name a few - and will also award your team with one point for every 45 seconds that it's under your control. This is done very intuitively using Minecraft's core mechanic; breaking blocks! Every time you break a white clay block, it will be captured for your team, bringing you that much closer to victory.

    Image Rotation
    When the top of a cube is your team's color, you can collect points and resources from it. But stay on your toes - at intervals throughout the match, the cubes will rotate! Recapturing cubes as quickly as possible will help you win the match, and don't forget to stop your opponents from doing the same!