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Season 5 IS HERE!!

We've been waiting for Minecraft 1.13 for a long time and it has finally arrived!
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    Ultra Hardcore is a competitive event pioneered by GuudeBoulderfist and the Mindcrack team. Players are spread throughout a massive swath of natural Minecraft terrain, and tasked with being the last man standing. There is one twist, however; health cannot be regenerated naturally. Players can regain lost health points either by eating a Golden Apple, or, for the braver among us, by traveling to the Nether and brewing a Potion of Healing. On top of that, the world border is slowly but constantly shrinking, forcing competitors to keep on the move.

    Everneth runs UHC matches every other month, putting a different twist on the match each season. In Season III, the world was lit by eternal daylight, and surviving players began to glow after a certain amount of time had passed. In Season IV, players were allowed a regenerating shield of absorption, causing fewer deaths caused by monsters - and, therefore, more deaths caused by other players.

    We have a central thread for discussing UHC here, where you can also find information on previous seasons, including winners, videos, and awards distributed. UHC is one of the community's favorite events, and is consistently great fun. We hope to see you there!

    To make sure that each season runs smoothly, players are expected to observe the following rules:

    • Fallen players must cut off all communication with all other players. There are no exceptions for any reason.
    • Potions of Regeneration are banned.
      • All other potions are allowed.
    • Players are safe from PvP for the first 20 minutes of the match.
      • An automated message will be posted in the ingame chat after 20 minutes have passed.
    • Spectators and dead players are not allowed to use the ingame chat.
    • Mods are not allowed.
    • "Skybasing" - defined as building high up into the air to create an artificial chokepoint - is disallowed.
    • Branch mining is disallowed.
      • Staircasing and digging downwards is allowed.

    Warriors of great stature deserve to be honored for their feats. As such, there are five forum medals that can be won in a match of UHC!

    Champion - Awarded to the last player standing!
    Ironman - Awarded to the last player to receive a point of damage - including shield health.
    Sanguine - Awarded to the player to slay the most opponents.
    Midas - Awarded to the player to acquire and eat the most Golden Apples.
    First Blood - Awarded to the first player to kill an opponent.

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