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Build Competition Awards Announcement

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Build Competition Awards

Once again, I'd like to commend all our incredible builders who signed up. We had six amazing builders in the district and all of their builds turned out spectacular! Now, I know you all didn't come here to watch me ramble again about the competition so let's just cut to the chase!

Community Favorite: LadyStark [141, 65, 288]


Third Runner-Up: Kaddaschatzi (Kathi) [60, 190]


Second Runner Up: sam8ddd [170,70, 237]


First Place: LadyStark [141, 65, 288]

Congratulations to all of our winners! While all of the entries were superb, these few in particular managed to blow away both the Judges and myself. Your respective prizes have been placed at your builds.

To all of the Contestants:
Thank you for showing such great support and enthusiasm for this event and I hope to see you all (and hopefully even more people) in the next one!

To the General Public:
If you haven't yet, I HEAVILY encourage you to walk around in-game and experience these amazing builds. Kathi's exterior is just [spoilers] and Sam's underground even has a [spoilers]!!!! Don't even get me started on the Interior of Stark's which is just [spoilers]. If you want the coordinates of all the other contestants they are:

  • sam8ddd- 170 70 237 (X Y Z)
  • Yogi- 9 64 239
  • Korbin- 159 64 288
  • Pande- 126 220
  • Stark- 141 65 288
  • Kaddaschatzi- 60 190

Until next time,

Special thanks have to go out to _Pande_, EarthCube, GreasyTroll, Sybian, and Morgoth_LotR for being such great judges! Oh and NextelChirp too for doing that one thing. ;)

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I'm personally really happy with second. Lots of work went into each of these builds, and they all turned out wonderfully!

Man, Stark, why is your interior so beautiful! Oh, and GG for crushing the rest of us XD.

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I would agree that we need some more competitions like these. Actually, what might be cool is some mini-building competitions. Like, 1 designated hour to build. That way people like me don't spend nearly the whole time on the server for the month on one build.

Stark, what I meant by "crushing" is that you won both 1st place and community fave. You should not try as hard next time.

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