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Season IV Spawn

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Season Four Spawn

With the server reset happening, we want to kick things off right, so we've prepared a map of spawn to help keep things organized. This season, we have the usual Shops, Houses, and Farming districts along with the addition of one new one—Games! We gave the Games district plenty of space, so players can build plenty of minigames all season. We set it up so the smaller minigames will be built closer to spawn and the larger minigames will be further towards the back. This way players will be able to see all the games the district has to offer. Like last time, the Spawn & Par Section (shown in red) is reserved for parliament, and no other builds are to be placed there. A hedge has been placed around this area, so you know where it is. Additionally, all builds in spawn are to be placed in their appropriate districts as shown on the map. All builds that do not comply with these rules are subject to removal the Interior.

As spawn is so much larger this season, the Interior has come up with a new system to keep track of builds: whenever you wish to build something in spawn simply PM a member of the Interior on either Discord or the forums. A list of everyone in the Interior can be found on the staff page. The build will then be sorted into a list for easy management by the Interior. You don't need to wait for permission before building; just sending the PM is sufficient. This is just so the Interior has notice to remove problem builds before they become problems. This is a little different, but hopefully it should become natural quick.




The Ministry of the Interior


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