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RashE (IrashiHeart)

A Great Empire Expands into Everneth.

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So every server I play on I end up building a great city/empire because I play Minecraft for the story building and architecture. I've gotten mostly God-gear again and it's time to begin construction. I suppose this thread might be a megathread for me to post updates and lore and residential opportunities and even, hopefully, conquest updates.


But for now, I have to decide where it will go, what will be its name and place in my own persistent universe.

Where will it go?

Personally, I always build around 2,000 blocks away from spawn. This way I don't step on toes or take up space, but I've found that my cities often go unvisited and it all feels like a ruin or a relic from an ancient golden age. This server is more populated and healthy, in my opinion, but I still figure I should stay in spawn to be the backbone of the area's activity and a great monument for new players and old to become inspired and, by their visits, inspire me. I illustrated some ideas onto a piece of the geography:


There are a couple problems with this setup, however. This map not only consumes an ungodly percentage of the residential area but it is simultaneously way too small for any kind of complex and reasonable capital city, let alone the great city of Kingstone. Pair that with the fact I haven't talked to the Parliment about this, it brings up a lot of problems so my eyes are set here:


More about the city.

I built a city called Kingstone once before, and it was to this day my favorite builds I have ever worked on, but it was destroyed in a reset and the server itself was less than active. While I still have the world and plan on finishing it someday offline, I feel it's glory must be public and as such, I am thinking this kingdom will be Kingstone Reborn. It will be as if Icarus Forde and Agusta Rustero's royal fleet landed here and colonized the fertile shores of eastern Everneth instead of Carrotcraft's mountainous plains. I imagine I will also have a great port with a few warships and one of them being the Lady Valkyrie, flagship of the new Royal Navy, and on this ship will be a nether portal to spawn where an identical flagship will roleplay sail you to Kingstone. Also, the horse route will be fully pathed and possibly with a bunch of cool forests and abandoned shelters maybe an inn and some terraformed greenery on the way. Too bad that everyone including myself with just Elytra over. Still, if I ever find a warhorse worth of the title of Boris 'the Bold' I will gladly use this path.

The city will also have multiple tiers, and should the city ever come under siege, the attackers would need to fight through three levels of defense to capture the castle. With this, I will also try and fill each tier with the respective classes from the lowest peasant to the King and his Royal Family. Also, make sure to check out the church of the seven, and the multiple shrines to Bellona and Ra and other real-world deities. And the libraries, which will be teeming with lore surrounding the past present and fiction of Kingstone, Brytannia, and whispers of entire other universes.

I appreciate you reading through this and pray you will continue to check up on this thread as I release pictures and progress reports, and when it is finally all built, you will see the stunning cinematic I create from all my builds.

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I would love to see it one day because i'm kind of the same like you. I to always end with building a town or a empire somewhere far of but first making 6 more posts before they possibly let me in ;)

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I figured I should make an update before I get too far ahead. Doing a lot of planning and terraforming, with 15,000 dirt blocks dug and 12,000 more placed, and that is not the mention the forest and stone mountains moved or flattened. Here you can see a picture from the dynmap that lays out the rough area and shape of the walls, on the western (top left) corner of the map you can see that the towers and walls are fully deliberated, and the northeastern wall is very roughly shaped for the gate that leads to the massive, massive wheat fields that Kingstone was once known for. Also, you can see a currently floating dirt rectangle that will someday be terraformed into a natural looking hill with the castle on top.


Oh, wow that Bellona stick figure is gorgeous, and is that a pizza shield? Marvelous.

Anyway, now onto the western wall.

I am going to be working my way from the northwest to the south-east, which, interestingly, is the same way you would want to siege Kingstone. As well as working my way outside in, that way none of the inside buildings smash through the wall and the walls can defend everything from bandits while I am building.

Since I am a visual kinda guy you are going to get a bunch of pictures with these updates, here you can see the idea I have with the front gates. The northwestern tower needs to be increasingly tall because of the hill near it, and the southwestern tower needs to be taller to sufficiently defend Kingstone from Naval invaders. The gate is then defended by two smaller towers with walls connecting them all, you can also see a connected tower with a bridge that connects it to the main wall, I like having these little archer towers. Not only will it look cool and add a lot of atmospheres, it will also allow me to see people trying to shimmy on the coastal cliffs which will still get a little attention, I suppose I can link a picture of the cliffs at this point as well, at the very bottom of this post.



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Leaps and bounds of progress have been made on the outer western wall of Kingstone. I have a few more pictures for you and then I am gonna start thinking out loud and asking for opinions on some major decisions I will have to make moving forward.


Passive mobs have been spawning like crazy outside the walls, like a goddamn passive paradise. Been seeing sheep and cows, even horses and wolves spawning within the confines of my territory. That along with the Notch Apple I have recently found just reinforce my own diving right to rule. 


Here is a view from above the facade. The stuff in cyan (besides that northern wall on the left) isn't final, either because it won't go there or won't look like that. The walls will want a bunch of little things everywhere to give it some atmosphere and life. The archery tower is really pretty and deserves a few pictures of its own.


Last of the pictures: I tried something brand new with this corner and it turned out really nice looking actually, love the flow and feel of it. You can see a little bit of the bottom of a log but it doesn't really bother me like it usually does.


Alright, now time to talk about decisions, namely low or high fantasy?

Low fantasy and high fantasy basically describe the degree in which it differs from reality. More magic, more races, more crazy shit.

Low fantasy would see us in a world were Icarus Forde founded Kingstone, a normal -yet proud and strong and great- colony of Brytannia. It would use mostly Faith, Steel, and Fire to hold the walls. Trebuchets and Ballistas, fire archers and knights. Kingstone would still have the "Apple of Discord" but its origins would be unknown and the gods would continue to affect the world only indirectly.

High Fantasy would see us in a world where the gods, and as a direct result magic, would suddenly play a huge part in Kingstone's story and military. Icarus Forde would hear whispers of Eris, the Greek goddess of strife telling him where to found Kingstone, much like she helped found Rome back in Roman mythology. Kingstone would be defended by warriors paired with mages. Each pair of two would be in direct mental/spiritual connection to each other as the mage channels spells and power through a relic such as the "Apple of Discord" or "The Arkenstone" into the bodies of warriors would become epic heroes and demigods alongside the normal medieval soldiers. This would also invite malicious and terrible powers such as necromancers and Lovecraftian horrors into the realm.


The differences would have real-world effects on the build as well. Such as the towers being topped with magical runes to strengthen Kingstone's magical connections, and perhaps even strengthen a magical force field. The Libraries would be filled with such documents reporting recent events in the Battleground of the Gods, as well as the different attacks and events in the real world.


I might even build a fucking Kraken, who knows.


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RashE here, with another update about Kingstone. Most of my progress was on the internal side of the western wall, the northern wall and "Northkeep" (creative title, I know.) a massive wooden keep that has been sap-sealed and as a result slightly fire-proofed and acts as a military building: holding, training, and deploying a massive portion of Kingstone's standing army. I've also prepared a very early version of the diplomatic map, that contains the names, faces, and banners of Kingstone and all its vassals. Maybe even some enemy siege camps in the future, this map will be for it and updated as it needs it. Who is ready for pictures?


^ Inner side of the western wall.


^The north side of the Northwestern tower. Ryan says it looks like Ron Swanson, now you'll never unsee it.


^ The keep and a section of the northern wall. You can see the Northwest tower on the right and a small tower in the middle of the two. The keep is still a little plain for my liking but man am I in love with the idea of the keep sprouting out of the wall like this. Notice the stained glass fire pits and the Rustero eagle sigil etched into the roof as oak against the spruce. Both sides have portcullises so Northkeep can still fight even if the walls and outer city fall. On the inside, there will be a raised courtyard for training, and blacksmithing as well as a tower for the General/Captain of the keep. I could gush about this all day long, also I am debating putting a gate under the keep as well as more ways to allow projectiles to be shot out and into foreign invaders.


^An up-close view of one of the portcullises. The trapdoors being used as walls like this used to be my guilty pleasure, since the default ones don't work great for that. Not anymore.


^ Inside one of the gatehouses. The spruce doors on the left and right side lead up to the arrow slits so that a guard can watch/talk to anyone on the walls or at the gate. Also, mantlets can be stacked up against the gatehouse for extra protection once the metal gate is broken. Anyone trying to take the keep will have to face 3 spears and six archers all at once and attackers can only fit in one at a time. Try and flee and the Kingstonian Royal Fire Archers shoot you in the back. Word of advice, don't try and take Kingstone.


^ Look how close I am towards the 'Wheat Gate' name pending. 5-6 days maybe less and I will have the entire outer wall done and then I will work on connecting Kingstone to spawn and her other vassals. Then the wheat fields and then maybe some more terraforming the coast, and either the castle or the inner residential and commercial districts of Kingstone. Lots of progress is being made and my inspiration is at an all-time high since making a lot of critical decisions surrounding the keep and its design.


Yellow is the path, each faction is color-coded. Purple is Teg, Green is Remy, Orange is Kingstone, Dark Blue is Alfretyuu, Cyan is KingNicku, Remy and Teg are still missing banners and I haven't got updated pictures of both of their skins. You will notice my picture is also unupdated is because I am making a new skin and am currently rocking a Christmas Town Sora skin for the holidays. The map might be a little hard to read, so I will answer any and all questions in this thread. There are also plenty of space for new vassals of Kingstone. All you need to do is connect the path and maybe put up some banners around your place.


Thanks for getting to the end. I appreciate it.

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Welcome back to another Kingstone update!

I've completed the Wheat Gate, which turned out phenomenal despite how different building diagonally was to me, and extended the eastern wall all the way to Kingstone Castle. Terraforming the base of the castle and southern piece of the inner city, it took 54,000 broken dirt and another 43,000 placed, which wasn't nearly as annoying as all the decisions I had to make. I decided to move the castle's foundation down 7-ish blocks and that made making a causeway a lot easier as well as looking better overall. As I write this banner I am finishing up the Noble Gate and preparing to build a wall protecting the last bits of inner city from the southern wilderness. But enough words, let's see some progress pics.



Next project is the terraform the hill Kingstone Castle sits on and make it look like a real piece of terrain that is interesting but still sheer enough to be a defense against invaders.


I figured for chronological clarity to people reading this in the far future: The war between the Empire of Solis and the Kingdom of Kingstone began five days ago from the date of posting this.


Almost forgot to individually spotlight the Wheat Gate! Here are a few pics as well as a sweet but laborious idea I had for two great towers bordering the Wheat Gate since it needs to be extra strong to defend itself from naval invaders from the sea.



The orange towers would be huge and looks really nice as a border for the Wheat Gate, and it would be chocked full of ballista and scorpios, all facing the small external ports and wheat terraces bordering the northern sea.




A random view from the path connected to the eastern vassals to the Noble Gate.


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-February 1st, 2018-


Figured I should start this post with the results of last times. The twin towers bordering the wheat gate are perfect for covering its flanks and give me plenty of room for sea-watching balistae. Some more decoration along with internal infrastructure needs to be done, but the externals alone give an epic feel and although I might have to mess with some of the arcs, I had a fun time experimenting with the open walls. You can also climb to the very top for a bird's eye view of the city.


Next up is the wheat portion of the wheat gate. Kingstone evolves with me, and since enjoying Stardew Valley so much lately, the farmhouse is filled with my character and his wife. The wheat terraces will be a time consuming by satisfying piece of work since it is a lot of organic and terraforming building. Gonna be placing custom trees and resting benches or workstations here and there and make sure that there is enough room in the roads for horse carts etc. The docks will have minimal storage outside the walls since we want to keep most of that protected, the kingdom also insures the farmhouse.

Below is a rough idea of how the "terraces" will work. Lots of retaining walls and waterfalls. Should end up feeling really warm, cozy, and little dirty.


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Figured I wouldn't update this thread until next season, but I am having a bunch of fun working on Kingstone and it's passing the time. I also love showing off my progress and hearing your responses.

Since the last post, I've finished the terraforming on one of the castle hill faces, as well as some terraforming for the wheat gate.


I attempted to build Kingstone once before but didn't finish it. To commemorate the memories and to remember the build I made a "Goodbye, Kingstone" video. Since I won't have the time this season to finish this great build I will have a 2nd Kingstone farewell video this season, and hopefully, a third and final one when it is finished next season.

The first Kingstone video had a very famous field of wheat, and it just wouldn't be Kingstone if I didn't finish this season's fields. I have finished terraforming the ground flat enough for some nice fields as well as figured out where everything is going to go and how it will interact with everything else.


Since we don't know when the 1.13 update will come out, I don't know how much more I will finish before the world. I want to at least get the wheat done and maybe some more terraforming on the castle hill.

Another reason I am still working on Kingstone even though I know I'll have to rebuild next season is that by designing things now, I can build them faster in the new world, whether I use schematica or just old videos and screenshots.

Remember that I won't be building Kingstone exactly the same, since the terrain, and therefore the walls will be different.

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I like how we have to Roleplay an actual castle as well!

In all seriousness I actually cant wait to see what the final product in 1.13 will be. I see lots of thought put in.


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Hey, it's the first entry with the new Kingstone Banner! How's that for development?

Alright, so Season 5 has started and I didn't wanna update this thread until I got at least partially caught up with the old city. I went monkey crazy but over 60% of the outer walls are done, and I've had to redesign somethings.


The Tower of Discord is now even thicker, and I'm thinking of making it taller too. The Northkeep now also has its own gate, however too small for horse wagons or an army, it now gives convenient access to the Wizards' Tower, which is now situated directly adjacent to the city itself. Kingstone has been flipped: the west gate now being the east gate, and the wheat gate is now adjacent to the western and northern walls. I'm thinking of building a cathedral along the western (the bottom wall in the picture above) to break up the monotony. You might also notice the eastern gate comes slightly inward towards the city and I think it's a cool shape, and it also protects us from bombardment from the hills found to the east there. Not only is construction booming, but the adjacent vassals such as Kuiken and our secret new desert city are looking even better than before. I'm not really a desert guy but Remy is doing a great job out there and surprising me more with each visit.

I won't lie, feels great to update this thread again.

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