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Latent Season 3 and 4 Awards

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Season 3 Awards & Beyond

Due to reasons unknown, (Throne Abdication?, Formation of Privy Council?, Zieon is a bloody mess?), the realm of Everneth has not seen monthly awards in months. These awards are meant to highlight achievements of merit, notable blunders, and outstanding performances by the citizens of this community. Their presence on your profile and beside your posts also helps to commemorate seasons past after a reset. So, without further ado, here are the awards for the closing of Season 3 (June-September 2017) and some awards from the start of Season 4 and their recipients in order of precedence!


Companion of Everneth


DigitalRocker, hearsay, HelloDoodGames, Fixemega, Zippur, sirignol, MagicDave_, Xmplary, OriginalYT, Sh3mm, _Cash_, Puddles, KiemPlant, Cookeh, livelaughdream, RoscoesWetsuit, Toxic_Crumpets, sofiahana, DivineBovineYT, Gantoxx, freddysee, InchTech, Legit_Flash, korbinyt, LieutenantChip, Pontuzaa, Kaddaschatzi, NuclearPhys, JazziBelle, Ultimatenotch, NeonNarwhal4, AlohaDood, Javious, ENGLuke, JoMiGo, EspioEclipse, HGWicks, LeonGospel,  GeminiBrian, Cerium, Toby_Teal, Mr_Yogi_Bear, UltraMoreGaming, Brenegan, DedBoii, SaltyBac, chiptzel, SableVigilante, N0MOARBISCUITZ, Altimadark, ProfessorDangle, Outkast_, BobIce1026, kemari_kemai, Adriano1804, sam8ddd, UnbreakableWill, Empryzz, BurntCobalt, RemyBoyz_, campbell529, AlexSanchez, Jtm12, BenSwift, Blades88, Juice328, BuddahPlayz, Kenner, wagzal,
Erkard, wbafunk

Parliament Service Medal


EarthCube, Zieon, Kaddaschatzi, lopp

Beer Award


Pandeoo - Absolute Drunk UHC death

Javious - Claiming to be best player on the server and dying moments later

Purple Heart of Dedication


Kaddaschatzi, RashE, lopp

Outstanding Build Medal


GreasyTroll4 - Raventon Build

RashE - Kingstone Build

Kaddaschatzi - Kanada Build

Outstanding Redstone Creation


DauntlessFive513 - Shulker Storage system

Virtuous Medal


Puddles - Season 4 spawn and Hub

Pandeoo - Season 4 Spawn and Hub

EarthCube - Season 4 Hub

Kaddaschatzi - Season 3 Spawn

Ministerial Excellence Medal


FearlessPie - Late Season 3

Morgoth_LotR - November 2017

King's Cross Medal


Kaddaschatzi, ProfessorDangle

Order of Everneth Medal


FearlessPie, EarthCube

DMost of these awards have been given based on memory (vague at best in some circumstances) due to being very far behind in handing out monthly awards. So I do apologize for those who feel they have been skipped over or missed. I would say though to get recognized for certain items, there are certain criteria we look for. Some examples of the criteria:

  • Purple Heart: Be active in helping players transition from newly registered to pending to citizen.
  • Outstanding Build: More often than not, we consider builds posted in Builds and Map Talk forum to be worth consideration, however; the rest is left up to written nominations. Post your builds! Don't be scared to share!
  • Outstanding Redstone: Same criteria and procedure as the build.
  • Beer: Be drunk and fail 
  • Virtuous: Be active in public projects that affect the community as a whole. (Int is a good place to start)

If i missed you for the Companion of Everneth award, this could be that I haven't seen you play in a while or i potentially passed over your name in the member list accidentally,. If you fall into the latter category, please PM and I will fix that ASAP!

Congrats to all!


King of Everneth, Lord of the High Council

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