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Live Auction, 8/18/18 at 1 EST

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The First Everneth Auction House
During this season, many have started random auctions in chat for items. For this reason, I am organizing

The Evernethian Auction House!

This is an event where anyone is allowed to put anything up for auction as long as they sign up the items they wish to sell.

The event will take place on

Saturday, August 18, 2018, at 1 PM EST at the Colleseum.

To add your items to the auction, contact 20JPorter through this post or on Discord.

No fees will be charged.

This is a privately run event by 20JPorter and not run by Par.

Current Lineup (Subject to Change) in Order:
2 Groups of 4 Protection IV books (Pie)

2 Groups of 32 Iron Blocks (Pie)

2 Groups of 55 Wee- I mean Kelp Blocks (Pie)

1 Free Redstone Device from Rex Corp. (Rex)

2 Groups of 9 Stacks of Spruce Logs (Pie)

5 Stacks of Oak Logs (Pie)

4 Shulker Boxes (Pie)

27 Mending Books (OK)

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Was the auction a success?

We had a great number of people show up and bid and we had some fun while doing it. If you were to ask me, it was a success because more people showed up than I anticipated.
However, the items themselves often did not sell at all largely due to many repeating items and bulk items. If you ask many of the people who came, they might say it was a failure because there was nothing they wanted to buy.
Next time, I will be sure to put a deadline on entries and better use my right to deny entries for the sake of time and repetition. I will also seek out people with specific items to auction off in order to create a larger variety of items.

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