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RashE (IrashiHeart)

The Royal Kingstone Library: An index of all her lore.

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The Kingstone Lore Library

Welcome the Royal Kingstone Library! Here you can find all the books relating to Kingstone, her people, and the conflicts surrounding her. I will do my best to keep this hub of knowledge up to date and in a coherent order, as to organize the many many many different posts I have written about the Legend of Kingstone.

It is only fitting to start with the build's megathread. Here I take you on the journey of the Capital, where it started as a small dirt square and the dreams of one man.
A Great Empire Expands into Everneth...

Now onto Character Profiles. I designed this format to inform the reader on how a character would appear and act. As well as a short biography.
King Icarus Forde: Character Profile: King Icarus Forde
Nicku Crestshade: Character Profile: Nicku Crestshade
Fredrick's Unconventional Profile: Everneth but Never Free
Arlin Zumrick: Character Profile: Arlin Zumrik
Kordon Luis: Character Profile: Kordon Luis
Ragnar The Great: Character Profile: Ragnarok

Here are some general information posts, generally documentaries and encyclopedias rather than fun stories to tell your kids.
A brief explanation of magic on Vennterria and how it translates to the 'Kingsglaive Curse'
Signup to join the Kingdom of Kingstone, as well as some additional information regarding Kingstone's ranks.
An explanation of the race of shades.
A brief summary of Crowns, the custom currency in Kingstone.
Royal Council: Master of Coin

A small collection of short stories:
The Great Berserker Empress unites all of Brytannia under her banner. The Gold Eagle on Satin Field.

The 'Audience with the King' series, where I give the community a chance to engage in a casual roleplay instance with me and the Inner Circle of Kingstone:
An Audience with the King: Chapter One

The Events of Season 4:
Loden and the Desolate One attack the walls of Kingstone while it is still in construction.
Solis' final warning to Kingstone.
The Battle of Antiquorem Tower, King Icarus leads an ambush against the Solis offensive.
Preface to the Battle of Fort Acies.
The Battle of Fort Acies, as seen by Icarus. ((I spent over fifteen hours on this, and am very proud of it.))
Kingstone sends an ultimatum to Solis.
Solis surrenders.
A bandit king collects an earth-shattering horde and attacks the walls of Kingstone.
With the bandits defeated, King Icarus reviews the kingdom and the vassals who have died in glorious loyalty to the King.
VIDEO: Everneth Season 4 Kingstone Tour

The events of Season 5:
Icarus mourns the loss of more comrades and celebrates the return of some familiar faces.
Kordon meets a stranger who puts him on the path to meeting a new civilization.
The Council meets in order to pave a path to the future.
Valland imprisons Korbin for uncovered a dark secret.
Kordon is missing and the Kingsglaive are deployed to rescue him.

Deceleration of War from Valland
Icarus desperately attempts to find Fredrick the Mage.

Fredrick speaks with an old friend about the Mage Eye.

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