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fav video game

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I'd have to say Team Fortress 2 or Starcraft 2, *Maybe Realm Of the Mad god*. 

Team Fortress 2: A FPS game that is very fast and has various classes, different weapons to choose from for each classes, different cosmetics that look sweet :) and lots of fighting and trading. 

Starcraft 2: A Strategy game that also has a Alternative mode of "Arcade" which allows people to use a Editor for Starcraft 2 to make custom games with their models, scripts, etc. If you don't want to play Arcade there is Campaign, etc. 

Realm Of the Mad God: A bullet hell game that is very fun but is very depressing if you can't get over the perma-death aspect of the game, you can get items, do dungeons, do event bosses, kill gods, trading, popular game too, skins, paints, patterns, private servers. 

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