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Theme Songs for Factions

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If each RP faction had a theme song, what do you think it would be?
Factions currently in place, ones not currently official, and ones built in the past can be used. 

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Never fear! RashE is here! 
To suck the fun out of everything by trying way too hard.

Kingstone Theme Song: Warriors for Centuries (Mashup)

  • "We are the warriors that build this town... from dust."
  • "Remember me, for centuries."

Nicku Crestshade under the Curse: Disturbed - Indestructible

  • "I'll have you know that I've become indestructible"
  • "My dedication, to all that I've sworn to protect, I carry out my orders without a regret."

Kingsglaive Curse: Disturbed - The Curse

  • "I've held on too long just to let it go now, will my inner strength get me through it some how? Defying the curse that has taken hold, never surrender, I'll never be overcome."

Icarus Forde under the Curse: Casey Lee Willians - Ignite

  • "Fool you shouldn't stare into these eyes of fire, you're going regret this little fight."
  • "You'll watch yourself suffer, you'll watch me ignite."

Kingstone's Foreign Relations Strategy: Bobby Roode - Glorious Domination

  • "I won't give in, I won't give in, 'til I'm victorious. And I will defend, I will defend. And I'll do all I must."
  • "Until the end, until the end."

Icarus, Nicku, and Fredrick battling against the Solisian Alvionspawn at the end of the clash at Fort Acies: Aviators - Paralyzed

  • "That adrenaline rush when weapons fly, it's the fear that brings out that body high"
  • "At the mercy of my inhuman hands, I will bring myself to see this challenge through"

The time in between now and when the war with Valland begins: Tomorrow We Fight

  • "Sleep for today, but tomorrow we fight."
  • "Armies surround us, waiting for dark"

Nicku's attitude towards Icarus after he saved her life: Lullaby of the Moon

  • "Because of you I now gaze up and sing, 'The Lullaby of the Moon"
  • "Shining down, up one the earth, now they'll see, I'll prove my worth."

Icarus Forde's Theme Song: Bastille - Icarus

  • "Icarus is flying too close to the sun."

Icarus and Nicku Duet: Skillet - The Resistance

  • Heavy as a hurricane, loud as a freight train."

Nicku Theme Song: Tangled - Kingdom Dance

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Can you guess what the theme song for the Dragonhearted is?

Probably "Dragonhearted"  by Tryhardninja.


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