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Ultra Hardcore Season X Signups

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BUTCHERS | Chosen Teams of Two

Saturday, October 13th | 1PM EST

IP: games.everneth.com


UHC is a gamemode pioneered by the Mindcrack team - a last-man-standing blood sport played in naturally generated Minecraft terrain. The competitors will be spread throughout a hostile world with two potentially fatal dangers; the other players, and the fact that health does not regenerate. If a competitor wishes to heal themselves, they must acquire and eat a Golden Apple, venture into the Nether and collect the materials needed for a Potion of Healing, or slay a player and create a Golden Head.

UHC is a longstanding Evernethian tradition, but as a natural side effect of the gamemode, some players find it more beneficial to run and hide than to stand and fight their foes. Not anymore. This season, killing an enemy will give you Strength for 60 seconds - just long enough to turn your blade on their surviving partner. And rest assured that their partner will not be far, because this time around, each player will select in advance the person they want to brave the battlefield with.

To sign up for UHC, please reply to this thread. If you have a partner, include their name in your post. The Ministry of Competition will keep the thread updated with the names of those who sign up.





Warnic | Warcries & Sarfnic

Smash Bros. | Kordon & Aaron

Daddy Daughter Dance | Sybillian & Kaddaschatzi

The Memers | KratPersonBoy101 & Swoozie_

Team Xtreme Double Dip Distinguished Duck Duo (Team xDDDDD) | Warwolf595 & rolo_

The Pisano Brothers | RashE_ & KingNicku

Y'all | ZizoAbuTizo & sameh2000


Free Agents:











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Kathi and I are going to win jsyk ✌️

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Redemption be upon us. Our team has two champions, versus the maximum of one that the others will have. 👺

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I feel like I already did this, but it must have been something else. 🤔 I'll sign up, but I don't actually have friends so I'll be #team4everalone.


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