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Everneth Spooktacular Build Comp

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Spooky Build Competition

As part of Interior's Everneth Spooktacular, we are hosting a Halloween themed Build Competition! I'm sure it needs no introduction by this point so without further adieu, the theme for this one is:

Spooky Graves

What does this mean? The objective is to make the best grave, tombstone, or mausoleum in a 10x10 area. There is no limit on Y levels, so have fun making all you can in the small X/Z space! Everyone is encouraged to join and to "sign up", just place a sign with your name on it on one of the pre-made plots on the Halloween Island located at the WIP graveyard: 280/1040 [X/Z]. The judges of this competition will be chosen from members of the Interior and we will be utilizing an edited version of past judging rubrics; TLDR Biggest average score from judging wins. The winner(s) will recieve a Custom Trophy Item along with a basket of "candy". Graves must be spoopy and abide by the Charter (don't kill/grief anyone). This competition is live from Friday October 12th through Sunday October 28th; 10/12-10/28.


Judges Rubric:

Exterior- 2 Points

  • 2 =  Aesthetically pleasing exterior that begs people to explore the build; Grave distinguishes itself as a "grave" rather than pretty landscaping
  • 0 = Do I have to go look at it? Don't worry you're pretty on the inside and that's what counts! ❤️ 

Interior- 2 Points

  • 2 = Aesthetically pleasing interior that is very clearly a place where something was buried; Grave's interior sets its own theme/ tells a story 
  • 0 = Does it even have an interior? Don't worry you're pretty on the outside and that's what counts! ❤️ 

Judge's Opinion- 1 Point

  • 1 = Like!
  • 0 = Dislike!
  • Like 2

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