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RashE (IrashiHeart)

2018 Halloween Costume Contest!

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Skin Costume Contest

Along with our Interior brethren, the Ministry of Competition will be joining the Everneth Spooktacular with a Minecraft skin costume contest! Spookify your Minecraft skin with an awesome costume and the coolest, most unique entry will win limitless fame and glory!


-Must be based off your original skin. Anyone can grab a scary skin online, try to be original and put some makeup and some spooky clothes on your own skin. The Ministry of Competition reserves the right to disqualify anyone who is found to be entering the competition with a skin they didn't make.
-Nothing NSFW. In accordance with the Discord rules, keep your skin SFW. Mild gore is allowed, obviously.

How to Join:
Respond to this thread with your IGN and picture of your skin by October 25th. Between the 25th and 30th, the community will judge via forum poll considering aesthetics and spooky-ness and announce the winner on Halloween's Eve (30th), in a grand unveiling of the winner's skin which will stand as a statue forever proud on Halloween Isle!

On October 30th, 3pm EST, the grand reveal will take place on Halloween Isle, under a massive Halloween Candy Bag.

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