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Secret Santa Signups 2018

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Secret Santa 2018


As has become tradition, the Ministry of the Interior will once again be hosting a Secret Santa gift exchange! After reading about how our Secret Santa will be working this year, you can sign up by leaving a reply to this post.

How It Works

  1. Sign Up
    From now to a week before Christmas Eve (Monday the 17th), signups will be open for any whitelisted members who want to join the Secret Santa.
  2. Pair Everyone Up
    Once sign ups are closed, everyone who is signed up will be randomly mixed up and will be PMed on the forums (and discord if they have it) with the name of who they will be giving a gift to this year.
  3. Think of Gift Ideas
    Once you receive your person's name, you are free to start thinking of gift ideas. If you really want to break the system, you could start doing this right now!
  4. Place Gifts Under the Tree
    As soon as you have found the perfect gift for your person, you may place your gift in a wrapped box underneath the Christmas tree in the Winter Wonderland currently being constructed by the Ministry of the Interior. The wonderland is centered on the coordinates 400, 0, east of shopping district. Players may place gifts underneath the tree up to the end of the day Christmas Eve. Remember to label your gift with your person's name so they know which one to open.
  5. Open Your Gifts!
    Come Christmas morning (December 25th), players can search underneath the tree for a present with their name and open it! This should go without saying, but anything given to you is yours to keep.
  6. Reveal Yourself (Optional)
    After your person opens their gift, you may optionally reveal to them that you were their secret Santa. Some Santas like to keep their identities secret while others do not, it is just personal preference.

Remember to sign up by replying below!

List of participants:

  • Pandeoo
  • Beolyx
  • Studio528
  • abcfree4all
  • boofsly
  • Kaddaschatzi
  • AdmiralTaterz
  • Mr_Yogi_Bear
  • Kordon_Luis
  • 20JPorter
  • HGWicks
  • Cerium
  • Sybillian
  • Redstonehax
  • FlamezX13
  • Ajiv_
  • AmzCuriousPanda
  • Faug
  • Vluxxed
  • Sarfnic
  • CharlieDM19
  • Rashe_
  • FearlessPie

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Thank you all for signing up! Expect to learn who you will be gifting to soon!

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