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Pharaoh's Labrynth Challenge

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Hello everyone! I have finally completed and officially opened my Pharaoh's Labyrinth Challenge! This is a challenge comprising of everything from parkour to mazes. It will require creative thinking and problem solving. Those who understand game mechanics will do well. You can find the location of this challenge at roughly -950, 64, -700. You can also reach it via the nether hub by yurimonte's portal (second floor, north side). If you are interested in trying this challenge please reply to this forum, or contact me in game.

Objective: Steal the jewel (emerald) and make it back alive!


-You will be given 3 attempts 

You lose an attempt if 

A) You die in lava

B) you get shot by an arrow (even if only once!) then you must return the way you came, or get yurimonte to assist you in restarting

C) You fall into a pit

D) If you mange to starve to death!

-Your inventory will be emptied (and safely stored) until the end of the challenge. You will be given 20 cooked steak (hint this has more than one use)

-You will not be allowed to break/destroy or place blocks

-Before starting you must set your brighness to moody (lowest setting)

-You cannot recieve outside help EXCEPT if Yurimonte permits

-You must do the challenge with permission from Yurimonte while he is online AND supervising

-You cannot remove items from dispensers

-You may remove items from chests

-IMPORTANT: Make sure to start by finding the secret entrance in the rubble near the ruleboard

-NOTE: even though you empty your inventory, you still may lose XP levels if you die







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