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Hacked Clients

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Optifine is a client side mod. We don't really want to restrict people with these kinds of mods. So as long as it doesnt give you an unfair advantage towards other players you can use them. For example a lot of our playerbase use optifine. We used to have  bunch of people running minimaps or tools like schematica to help with building as well. As I said as long as it doesnt give you an unfair advantage its fine.

Hacked Clients on the other hand are only used to gain an advantage over other people, like increased speed, flight, increased jump, forced op. Basically their only intent is to make the Minecraft eperience worse for other people and since we like to be a community thats not allowed under any circumstances.

If you are unsure about whether or not what you are running is allowed on the server you can always ask a staff member and they will get back to you. For now however let me sum all this up by saying that optifine is perfectly legal to be used on the server unless you are playing UHC in which case all client side mods are dissallowed to give every one the same chances at winning :P

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