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Easter 2019

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Everneth Easter Island


As we all know, on its way is one bright holiday filled with entertainment, happiness and more - Easter! Easter is a holiday in which the whole family gets together to spend time, have fun, and hunt for presents from the Easter Bunny.  This year Easter occurs on Sunday, April 21st.

But what is Everneth doing for Easter?

All we know is that a few members of the Ministry of the Interior were spotted heading to an unknown island far out in the ocean. Our paparazzi followed them and managed to figure out its coordinates: x= -800, z=1300. Also, we captured some pictures of them carrying heavy moai statues, bunnies, and even more in their boats to the island! Suspicious don't you think?

THAT IS RIGHT FOLKS, IT'S EASTER TIME! :animals-bunny:And of course the Ministry of the Interior has prepared a lot of fun things to do this year:


Easter Hunt:

What would Easter be without a good hunt? This year's hunt is going to be slightly different than the ones we've had before. This time you will have to kill some bunnies! (We can't have phony bunnies running around pretending to be the real Easter bunny!) This event begins on April 19th when a  [MOTD] message on the server will show you more information about it. A scoreboard will also be displayed on the right side of your screen to count the number of killed rabbits. Whoever has the most will win the big prize! The winner will receive a Custom Trophy Item. The event will be happening from 1 pm EST on April 19th to the same time on April 22nd. Enjoy! 😁

Survival Course:

To add to the Easter antics, Interior has prepared an exciting and death-defying survival course! The course will incorporate the adventurous Indiana Jones style thanks to our amazing minister/professional redstoner FearlessPie. It will be filled with dangerous trails, parkour, and more. This will make it a bit harder to get the Golden Egg, the marvelous reward found at the end. The course will be open from 1 pm EST on April 19th to 1 pm EST on April 22nd. Have fun!

Build competition:

As part of Interior's Everneth Easter island, we are hosting an Easter-themed Build Competition! I'm sure it needs no introduction by this point so without further adieu, the themes for this one are Bunny & Easter Eggs!
Everyone is encouraged to join and "sign up"! Just place a sign with your name on it on one of the pre-made plots on Easter Island located at -814/1403 [X/Z]It probably sounds easy to you, but no, this will be a great challenge! The judges of this competition will be chosen from members of the Interior, and we will be utilizing an edited version of past judging rubrics. The Build Comp. will be open from 1 pm EST on April 19th to 1 pm EST on April 22nd. Have fun!

TL;DR Biggest average score from judging wins. We will only choose the most creative, good looking, silliest, and aaaamazing ones. So do your best!

You will be given a 10x10 area to work with. The categories and point values that your build will be scored on are shown below.


  • Creativity - 0 to 5
  • Looks - 0 to 5
  • Silliness -  0 to 5
  • Effort - 0 to 5



Happy Easter!

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