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Dramatic Shrek Script Reading

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This upcoming Saturday, at 1 PM EST, we will be doing a dramatic reading of the Shrek Movie. We need people to fill various roles, any role not filled will be filled by other people. Keep in mind that the voice of the character you are doing will have to be at least an approximation. The reward for staying through the whole thing is 
It is recommended to claim at least 3 characters, but if the amount of people participating goes above the film's cast, you may have to give up a character. If the amount is less, you are encouraged to pick up more. 

The Script- 

Major Characters
Narrator- Titan
Shrek- RashE_ (maybe)
Princess Fiona- Kaddaschatzi
Lord Farquaad- Impatient

Minor Characters
Gingerbread Man- Ajiv
Pinocchio- Ajiv
Big Bad Wolf-
Three Bears-
Three Pigs-
Robin Hood-
Blind Mice-
Head Guard-
Seven Dwarves-

Reply to this post with who you want to be or ping @Impatient#1753 on discord that you want to participate and I'll put in your name. 

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The question is, am I really willing to get up at 10am on a Saturday to scream Shrek's voicelines...

I wanna be Shrek and Donkey but then a good portion of the movie would be me just screaming at myself.

***** it, write me up as Shrek the *****ing ogre. Was it Kordon that actually played a character in a Shrek play? Wasn't it Farquaad?

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