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The Current State of Things

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A Brief Summation

If it's not already apparent, the coming of the 1.14 brought with it a plethora of issues that absolutely crippled our (and others') normal operations. While not overwhelmingly severe at first, after running for a few hours the server began to experience memory leaks, which put an increasing strain on our CPU as it continued to ran, eventually causing it to crash entirely. On reboot and after some serious investigation we were able to diagnose the issue, and as such knew there was nothing that could be done about it in the moment. We had no choice but to completely halt the server until an official patch was released addressing said issue, as well as many others that made cooperative online play practically impossible ( Awesome game design right there!).

To get an idea of what magnitude of CPU melting spaghetti code we're talking here, have this:


We knew we might be out of commission for a while, but looking into alternative options returned no outs. Hopefully we can clear up why we are where we are right now via this post.

So why not use a backup?

This is one that keeps being addressed in general chats, but for the sake of clarification I'll put it here anyways. Our system is set to automatically create new and delete old backups on a specified interval. We officially moved the server to 1.14 with the weekly Tuesday updates, but no problems became persistent with the server until nearly 18 hours later, after all of our 1.13 backups had already been tossed to the bin. Under normal circumstances this is not something we would need to worry about because we work under the impression that equal care, effort, and testing is put forward into every new release of the Java version of the game.

With no available 1.13 backups, it's simply not an option to use an older version of the map to continue running in 1.13 until a more stable release is available. That said, I think it goes without saying that from now on we will be keeping backups from the previous version until the current one proves to be as/more reliable as the last.

So why not just load back into 1.13?

In true professional game development studio fashion, there was absolutely no mention in the 1.14 patch notes about the changes to world generation and chunk region storage. On updating to 1.14, we were unknowingly backed into a corner because reverse compatibility has gone out the window with this one. Loading the map back into 1.13 will cause a complete region file reset, and the world will essentially be regenerated as if it were new.

Some testing proved this point to us, and as far as we're aware, there is no way to restore the current map to 1.13 compatibility.

What's the current plan?

We understand the frustrations and its important to note we are equally frustrated about the situation. At this point we've thought of and tried it all. Never before have we had to deal with such a monumental misstep on behalf of Mojang and their developers, and similarly never felt so desperately out of options as right now.

The current agenda is to move forward with updating to Spigot 1.14.1 once they're able to crank out a few more version for stability purposes. While still chock-full of issues, in theory it should not suffer nearly the same performance issues as it did before. Should we make the move to 1.14.1 we can make another official address about what to expect. We're at two weeks and counting, but for now the server will remain offline.

All we ask is that you continue to maintain the level of patience you have been, and try to stay hyped for the official return once everything is fit into place and at full functioning capacity. In the meantime, games.everneth.com is running the Season 4 map on 1.12.2 so feel free to join and have a look around!

TL;DR 1.14 sucks

Signed, Very Salty Admin

Gloria Ad Ordinem!

Also you're super cool if you read the entire post.

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