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Character Profile: Alana Baylee

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-Alana Baylee-

Alana Baylee is a Non-Playable Character acting as a member of the Kingsglaive. She was originally inspired by Zelda from Breath of the Wild. I was encapsulated by that specific Zelda and Link’s relationship before Link had lost his memories, and Alana has since been expanded over the years into her own original and interesting character. She is one of the three more traditionally magical members of the Kingsglaive, the other two being Fredrick and Agista.



Calpheon, unlike both Venneterria and Everneth, is known for being a magical place due to the plethora of enchanting spirits and crystals found there, as well as the mystical ecosystem that inhabits it. But even the mages of Calpheon were interested in the premature birth of the small child named Alana. Her conception and following parturition were enveloped by natural disasters and terrible tragedies. Her mother died while in labor and, struck with animosity and malice, her father abandoned her in tight swaddlings on a sun-bleached shoreline.

As she cried, the infant Alana’s wails shook the earth, terrible bolts of lightning cracked across the sky and thunder crashed against the ocean. Such were the waves of power sent through the network of magic that one Wayfield Rustero, Archmage of Calpheon, couldn’t help but notice.

Before she had the opportunity to be eaten by scavengers or get washed out into the sea, Wayfield and a collection of students from Calpheon's University of Magic had found her and brought her into the safety of society. Even as a young girl she was deeply passionate about her caretakers’ teachings. As expected, she showed incredible potential as a mage and even the mental sensitivity definitive of a psychonaut.

To save her from the tragedy of her mother’s death and her father’s abandonment, Wayfield never felt the courage to tell Alana about them, though if his intuition was correct she would find out on her own eventually anyway.

One night, Alana was awoken from her personal quarters adjacent to Wayfield's by the sudden fervent activity outside her door. A cold shiver crept down her spine as she listened intently to the mages whispering in hushed tones between themselves. Something was disrupting the Winds of Magic and even Alana sense tell they were right. Quickly dressing and gathering her stack of tomes and grimoires, she rushed out into the lecture hall where she could feel a great deal of energy congregating. She was right, it was Wayfield hunched over a magic circle muttering an incantation. The hall was dark and empty beside the two of them and before Alana could even utter a question the ritual was complete.

“CLIPEUM!” was all she could utter, it was a reflex, a reaction to the sudden explosion that had originated at Archmages Wayfield's feet. In response to her voice, a grid of hexagonal crystals like shards of shimmering glass had formed a protective dome around her in front of her outstretched hand. She had protected herself but could not hope to stop the explosion now. Its power and radius had begun to annihilate the entire university and with the blast, she could feel Wayfield’s aura almost completely disappear, replaced with something dark and malicious. Her shield absorbed much of the shockwave but the kinetic energy that remained knocked Alana off her feet and into the stone wall behind her, she could feel her skull crack a split second before blacking out.

Whatever had taken over Wayfield’s body must’ve thought the explosion had killed her, because when she awoke she was surrounded by rubble, and when the buzzing in her head finally faded she could make out a crowd shouting aggressively. As she came to, Alana understood what they were shouting about. They were aggressively accusing Wayfield of the intentional destruction of the University. They were in an illogical rage, claiming it was a deliberate terrorist attack, forgetting of course, that it was Wayfield himself that built up that university from nothing. She tried to talk some sense into them but was immediately disregarded as a child, an inexperienced teacher’s pet. Irritated, she insisted on Wayfield’s innocence, and before she was able to explain further, they had roughly shoved her away from them, blocking her out with various banishing spells.

Suddenly she realized she was alone. Chaos had overtaken the ruins of the university and with it, anarchy was in effect. She knew she had no place here now that Wayfield was gone and she was marked as a delusional traitor. She scooped up her books again and rushed to follow her master’s trail. Wayfield, or whatever was in control him, was meticulous in covering up his tracks. Only through her budding skills as a psychonaut was Alana able to follow Wayfield. It was much farther than she had expected in such a short time, taking her far from Calpheon and beyond even the kingdom of Serendia. When the lush green plains made way into the red desert of Mediah, Alana could feel not the presence of an evil entity, but the old aura she knew as Wayfield’s. It was fading.

When she found him, he was bloodied and dehydrated, on the cusp of death, but with Alana’s help, the two of them made it to a nearby village to seek aid and shelter. Fate would have it that the village, which was named Tarif, was actually home to several sorceresses who were happy to not only heal the poor old mage but also to give them shelter. Alana was happy to finally have a place to stay again but when Wayfield awoke the next morning he turned down their second offer, claiming that he would be followed and for them to stay in Tarif was to put it in danger. The sorceresses claimed they could protect themselves but Wayfield insisted.

The two of them were to head west, back from where they came, and hide in the dense coniferous forest of Behr. Alana was happy to see her old master safe and sound again, but Wayfield, who now took up the name 'Wamazz', knew she wasn’t happy in her new home. Without the resources of the university, and attempting to remain incognito, he could not teach her in the capacity that he could in the past. As she grew older, so did her power and ambitions, and when Wayfields niece appeared at their door with a desire to come home to Vennterria, Wamazz knew this was the time that he and Alana would part forever.

Initially, Alana was hesitant, she wanted to stay with him, he was all the family she ever knew, and to jump into a portal with a woman she never met? How could Wamazz ask that of her? She could see in his eyes it pained him even worse, but in the end, they both knew this was the only choice. Alana was only fourteen and had her entire life ahead of her, she couldn’t stay hidden away in a cave for the rest of her life. Wamazz was too old to leap in a portal to another world and claimed he needed to stay in Behr for his own reasons.

So in the end, Alana followed Wayfield’s niece into a portal that would bring them to Vennterria, only when they appeared on the other side Alana could tell something had gone wrong. Agista claimed she had never seen the city that stood at the horizon before, and Alana could sense a relic of tremendous power in those stone towers.

It was in that sprawling city that Alana met Noir. And the rest is History.


Alana uses her grimoires as well as half of a solar pendant forged by Icarus to power her magic spells. As well as being a battle-mage, Alana has trained her mind and soul to become a capable psychonaut.

She was taught a great number of spells in Calpheon’s University of Magic, and by painstakingly studying the books inherited from Wamazz, she has since learned many more in her years serving as a member of the First Kingsglaive Kingstone.

Famous examples of her spells:

Spectral Swordfall: Massive phantasmal blades fall from the sky and pin her target(s) in place. The intensity of the spell has ranged from single targets to entire platoons of men.

Clipeum: A grid of transparent hexagonal crystals that appear together in a dome shield either around her or her allies. Each of the crystals are their own entity, and one shattering doesn’t doom the entire shield, allowing her to block entire volleys of projectiles at once.

Alzur’s Thunder: A bright, apparently heavy ball of light materializes in Alana’s palm, which she can cast as a blinding beam of lighting. As well as being a powerful kinetic blast, it also pierces the target and their armor and inflicts a generally lethal amount of electricity.

Harmonic Convergence: Cast upon an ally or a platoon of men, their mind(s) is focused on the task at hand, expelling any fear or distraction. Generally used to rally routing soldiers or to put Noir into a battle trance.

Alana’s Gateway: A portal to Kingstone Castle materializes, which grows exponentially more expensive per person. Alana has only ever been able to teleport six people at one time before.

Regrowth: A simple healing spell, used to stitch up wounds or restore broken bones.

As a Psychonaut:

A psychonaut is someone who is capable of expanding the capacity of their consciousness through practice and natural talent. To this day it is a topic of heated debate whether such powers come from the mind or the soul, but it is clear most people are just simply incapable of the feats displayed either willingly or unwillingly by powerful psychonauts. Their abilities include but are not limited to:

Lucid Dreaming, Spirit-Invoking, Divination, Far-Sight, Telekinesis, and even Invisibility, Levitation, and Mind-Control at the extremes.

Psychonauts, especially those who possess actual power, as opposed to narcotic junkies and raving lunatics, are incredibly hard to find. Alana learned this fact very well in her time trying to find an actual teacher to help her on this path. She had to make and enchant her own Tarot Cards, design her own servitor, and delve into the dark abyss parallel to our own human consciousness by herself. And alone she would’ve had her mind devoured by the cosmic horrors that await those brave or skilled enough to leave their natural human crudeness and explore what lies beyond the veil.

As they had saved each other a hundred, hundred times on the battlefield, they too had saved each other a hundred, hundred times from the dangers of Alana’s abilities. Noir had countless times saved Alana from the grips of sleep paralysis, or had brought her back to consciousness when something had gone wrong.

Just as they shared the burden of the Kingsglaive Curse through the Solar Pendant, Noir saved Alana from the symptoms of psychonautics, and with her gifts, she was able to foresee and avoid countless situations where Noir would be mortally injured or seized by an enemy.

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