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Everneth Movie Night

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Welcome to the official Everneth Movie Night!


• What is Everneth Movie Night?

Everneth Movie Night is a Night/Day (depending on where you live) on which we all gather together to watch a movie and spend more time getting to know one another. This event will usually be hosted every week, on Saturdays at 5 pm EST!
Note: except if we do not find a movie to watch or a way to watch said movie.


• What movies are we going to watch and how do we choose them?

We will be watching different genres of movies. From comedy to action to horror movies, as long as there are enough people interested we will watch whatever you choose. Yes, you do choose the movies. The day after movie night, on Saturday, you will be able to post suggestions by clicking Movie Suggestions. The Wednesday 2 days before the Movie Night we will be putting up a straw poll, so you the audience be able to decide which movie we will watch.


• How will we be able to watch it all together?

You don't have to worry about that! We use Kast. It is a free platform which allows us to share a screen with everyone we've invited to watch which makes doing these things easier.


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