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Temporary Amplified Server

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Temporary Amplified Server

Courtesy of Mojang and the lag machine they refer to as "Minecraft 1.14", we are currently unable to run our main server without horrendous lag and crashes. Instead of making everyone idly sit around on Discord and wait until Mojang fixes their game, we have created a Temporary Amplified Server for everyone to play on!


The Map2019-07-13_13_52_15.thumb.png.57d405e39255a4efb09dba7b1e460c0e.png

The Temporary Amplified Server has three major features distinguishing it from the main server:

  1. Amplified Terrain:

    As the name implies, we have set this world's terrain to amplified. For those who have never played in a world with amplified terrain, this means that the terrain is stretched vertically, creating extreme mountains and cliffs in nearly every Overworld biome.

    Be very careful, because this change will make sure death is always only a step away! Not only do you have to worry about falling, but there are considerably more dark areas for mobs to spawn too.
  2. Small World Border:

    We suspect that our current lag issues are primarily due to a bug labelled MC-151082. Since we're still running the latest version of Minecraft (Java Edition 1.14.3 as of this post), we're aiming to prevent this bug from affecting the server by limiting the world to a mere 256x256 blocks - 128 blocks in each direction from 0, 0 - in all three dimensions.

    This means that resources are very limited, so we will have to adjust our playstyle in order to survive. Some resources, like diamonds and other ores, will be limited to the amount that has generated in our little chunk of the world. Other items, like melons, will require us to find creative new ways to obtain them. A few valuables, like prismarine and treasures from the outer End islands, will be completely impossible to obtain.

  3. Hard Difficulty:

    In order to ramp up the challenge a bit, the server has been set to hard difficulty. This means that hostile mobs will do more damage, and zombies and spiders have some other special abilities. Additionally, if you let your hunger run out, you will starve to death.

The Rules

To go along with the unique map, we also have a few rule changes to help this map function effectively:

  • Claims older than two days (48 hours) will not be protected by staff:

    Anything you build is still safe, but land claims are an exception; we need to save the little space we have! If you don't use the entire area of your claim, other players are welcome to build on the unused portions. If you want to know the age of a claim, please check with a member of the Interior or Parliament.
  • Players don't have to ask permission to build above or below another player:

    Due to the three-dimensional quality of amplified terrain, claims don't extend upwards or downwards unless specified. Any ill deeds taking advantage of this rule change can still be dealt with by Parliament.
  • High Council will not provide slime chunk maps:

    Players who wish to build a slime farm will have to find their own slime chunks. We'll give you a hint, though; 23 out of the 256 chunks are slime chunks.
  • Players may not build above y=200 on Spawn Mountain:

    The spawn point of this world is on the highest point of an extremely tall mountain. In order to protect the spawn point, the Ministry of the Interior owns all of Spawn Mountain above y=200 (this claim does not expire). 
  • PVP is permitted across all three dimensions and all items are permitted:

    To spice things up, Section 2, rules a and c of the Charter will not be enforced on the Temporary Amplified Server. Mind that Section 2, rule b will still be fully enforced, so players will still be held responsible should they kill without consent or destroy anyone's items.

The When

The Temporary Amplified Server is online NOW!

You may join the server at any time at our normal IP address: play.everneth.com

We will keep this server online until we are able to stably run the main server or until the encroaching darkness of 1.14 takes over our new creation; whichever comes first.


Thank you for reading this lengthy post in detail, and please enjoy the entire 256x256 world we have to offer!



The Parliament of Everneth

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