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The Occupation: The Next Step of the Roleplay

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After half of Valland left for Heroes' Village, Porter had no choice but to surrender to Kingstone. For a few months there was peace, a rare blessing in recent Kingstonian history. However, the silence once thought to be a good omen became a bad one. A group of pirates and raiders attacked while I was in Kingstone.

The Occupation is an initiative to restart the RP using the current plotline and infrastructure. A group of desperate raiders will take over Valland and start a war with Kingstone to attempt to keep control of it. Kingstone will try it's best to give the Occupation (the temporary name of the new faction) an advantage.

New and old players are encouraged to join the Occupation, which for now will accept anyone. We want the Occupation to be large. Becausea random group of raiders is likely made of people from many Kingdoms (and possibly defects of HV if they want), we will allow great freedom in backstories and new locations. We hope that this creative freedom will create interesting storylines and not restrict players to the plain lore of Kingstone.

Because the Occupation is based in Valland, there is pre-existing infrastructure and little to no building beforehand is needed. I will also allow the Occupation to modify and build in Valland under a loose set of rules that basically say "Don't grief." I hope that eventually, once things start rolling, new areas or even Kingdoms will be built.

I will be the temporary organizer of the Occupation since it is my idea and my land. Once the RP starts, I will hand it over to an RP leader. If you wish to join, contact me on Discord or comment below.

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