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Halloween RP - Event

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Halloween RP - Event

Start: Saturday, October 12th  | 1 PM EST

Meeting Place:  2560, -6630 | Nether Tunnel: Bottom Blue, Marked: Halloween 2019

IP: play.everneth.com



Halloween is a month away and we have big plans for what's to come. A few members of the ministry of the interior have been hard at work during the month of September to build a setting in which all of you are invited to create your own stories. This year for Halloween we have thrown all previous events out the window and are bringing to you an all new limited time roleplay. With building assignments, quests and weekly events this year's Halloween activities are sure offer something for everyone. While focusing solely on PvE it is your task to survive and thrive in a world that tries everything to cut your journey short. Just as was the case for the late season 3 RP the resources and mechanics you are allowed to use are limited and can be unlocked through a series of tech trees. These technological advancements are meant to offer more of a challenge to players that have been playing on the server since the beginning of this season.

Win the events and develop your city to survive the final event the weekend after Halloween. Your aim is to work together and build a fort that can withstand an onslaught of all kinds of mobs. Every Survivor of this last and fateful battle will be rewarded handsomely.



Weekly Events take place every Saturday at 1 pm EST. They will involve a dungeon filled to the brim with both custom as well as naturally spawned in mobs. Details, such as the location will be revealed in the week leading up to them. These events do not need a seperate sign up and will be set up for the number of people taking part in the entire event. During these Events every player is granted 2two lives. Which means that if you die twice you may not rejoin the effort to complete the objective.



  • Any materials/tools acquired outside of the RP setting are banned. 
  • All buildings must look like, and be furnished in a way that indicates their intended use in town 
  • After a building is completed one of the event moderators (Kaddaschatzi & Sybillian) must approve it and will officially unlock the traits associated with it in town hall.
  • Any and all automatic, and semi-automatic farms are banned.
  • An enderchest will be provided to make switching between RP gear and your normal gear easier. You are not required to stay in the RP area at all times.
  • PvP is not required in this event and the PvP Code in the Everneth Charter must be observed.
  • There will be random check ins by the event moderators. Anyone who is found not to have observed these rules will be banned from further participating in the event and depending on the severity of the infraction will issued with charter points.



To unlock certain mechanics that will be essential to the final battle you will need to build up your town. Here's the building that are required to be built for technological advancements. Feel free to build any number of additional buildings for immersion purposes.

Building Requirements
House Completing the objective of the event on 10.12.
Farm 3 houses
Tanner cow farm
Docks 5 houses
Roads docks
Town Hall 1 house per inhabitant, roads
Mine Completing the objective of the event on 10.19.
Blacksmith Mine
Armory Blacksmith, Tanner
Barracks Armory
Archery Range Barracks
Stables Barracks
Adventurer's Guild Completing the objective of the event on 10.26.
Temple Completing the objective of the event on 11.02.
Apothecary Temple, Adventurer's Guild
Mage Guild Temple
Walls Temple, Adventurer's Guild, Town Hall, Barracks



Building up your city has the purpose to give you access to different materials and items that you will want to use in the final battle on November 9th. Here's a  list of the mechanics and items that can be unlocked through buildings. Anything that is not on the list is BANNED. If you aren't sure wether you are allowed to use something please ask an event moderator BEFORE you start using it.

Mechanics/Items Requirements
Leather Armor Tanner
Fishing Docks
Iron Armor/Tools Blacksmith
Shields Blacksmith, Tanner
Archery Archery Range
Horses Stables
Nether Access Adventurer's Guild
Brewing Apothecary
Enchanting Mage Guild


1st week's Buildings and Unlocks
2nd week's Buildings and Unlocks
3rd week's Buildings and Unlocks
4th week's Buildings and Unlocks



To make this more interesting for you to take part in we will give out in game rewards after the event is over.

Survivor - every survivor of the final battle will be rewarded 32 diamonds
Berserker - the player with the most total mob kills (during the events) will be rewarded 32 diamonds and an set of God Gear
Architect - The player who builds the aethetically best building in the town (as judged by the event moderators) will be awarded 64 diamonds
Assassin - The player with the most kills during a single weekly event will be rewarded 32 diamonds
Mural Crown - the player who is first to reach the weekly event's objective will be awarded 16 diamonds



Since you've made it this far I am going to assume that I have caught your interest. If you'd like to sign up you can do so HERE. This is Halloween and we've been hard at work to come up with some spooky lore as setting. Most of it will be revealed to you during the events and quests in game but to get the story started and explain what it's about the prologue will be published at the end of this already very long post.



Before Kingstone, before Valland, and even before the great Legends of Everneth, there was the great Everything. Neither alive nor dead, Everything was all encompassing, all knowing, and Everything...was alone. Eternity passed. Before long, Everything's loneliness created Nothing. An all encompassing, all consuming void, a cosmological symbolism to what Everything did not have is what it was, Nothing. Nothing sought Everything, for it truly was and surmised to nothingness. No longer alone, however, Everything sought out Nothing and upon their existences colliding, the universe was born.
Under the gaze of Everything, existence flourished. Worlds were created, life spread and seeded itself near and far, prospering as it went. But not wanting to lose it's counterpart, Everything chose to share its blessings with Nothing. Under nothing, existence perished. Great nations fell, death stole the breath of the living, and all was consumed. This dualism of beginning and end began a cycle, guarded by two heralds, Peace and Conflict. 
An ideology given form from a single wish, Peace is the harmony of Everything and Nothing. He who wishes to create and to give. Peace lives in the singing forest's streams, in the warmth of Spring, and in a newborn child's cries. To peace, endings were given meaning by the lives that lived them. Twin to Peace, Conflict believed that one of the two great beings needed to stand above the other. Conflict broods in the biting winter cold, watches with hungry eyes from corners long forgotten, and sews fallacy in the hearts of all. For the only true path is when one create's their own beginning and puts an end to all others. The two heralds clashed, starting an eons long struggle that resonates fear and awe for those that are unfortunate enough to live through to its final climax.

It has been countless millennia since that fated battle began to wage. By now, many are unaware, or have even outright forgotten about the great Everything and Nothing. Your story begins in the Kingdom of Leniara. Whether you were rich or poor it matters not. Vassals to the king, smiths, peasants, everyone, none of you can forget that day the the world tore in half. It began with small shakes in the ground, no one took notice. Next bottles of mead fell from tables. Books shook in their shelves. As the sun began to set on the horizon, it's golden rays casting red shadows cascading down the city walls, the earth beneath fell in on itself. In an instant, the cobblestone paths from North Street to the Peasant Ward, wrenched itself apart, creating a chasm 60 feet across, straight down Leniara. The royal family, along with many others, were not so fortunate as you. Screams of fear erupted across the city as hundreds of people immediately had the ground pulled from under them with zero time to react. Down they fell into a black endless void, which only climbed higher and higher as the sun continued it's journey beyond the horizon. Panic ensued. Many attempted to go after their loved ones who had fallen, only to be swallowed by the void itself. Slowly it grew, ever so slowly taking more of the town with it.

Alarms sounded at the top of the parapets. But not because of the fissure, though that was a gave concern. Beyond the walls, thousands of cloaked people had linked arms, forming a perfect perimeter around the city. Crimson robes fluttering in the wind as they all began to fall in unison convulsing. Before anyone could investigate, their forms grew dark and shadowy. Claws and bone protruded from forms that no longer resembled human. A circle of a thousand beasts trapped the people of Leniara from escape, and they closed in on their prey. Only a select few survived the bloodbath. You were one of them. Whether skilled or lucky, you made it past the encroaching shadow beasts, and witnessed from even the thick marble walls of the Kingdom sink into the ever growing maw. Smoke billowed and covered the stars. The flames of the fires that night cast the sky a crimson red as the people you knew, the home you loved, was destroyed.

Months pass. Leniara has morphed into a brackish swamp. As the maw widened, and swallowed the earth, it reached the docks, then the lake, mixing mud and death into an unspeakable wasteland now known as the Swamp of Oblivion. You have survived, but in your heart, you are not living. You seek any chance to reclaim your home and close the rift that consumed so much. A new settlement has been formed thanks to the combined skills of what little people survived, Havenbridge. Thieves and criminals are non-existent due to there being nothing worthwhile to steal in the first place. The people do what they can, but order is hard to maintain. Little unites the people and no one knows what to do moving forward. You all stand in the village square, awaiting your daily share of rations, but then a man, one of the designated hunters stands on a crate as a podium. "Everyone! Gather round! We need as many able bodied as we can. We don't know when, we don't know how, but THIS," he says holding a small book in the sky, "...THIS is what we've been waiting for."

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