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Season 6 End Dragon Fight

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Season 6 End Dragon Fight

Saturday, January 25th | 1pm EST

Meeting place: End Portal in the Overworld (Coordinates: x -1450/ z 800)

Nether Portal Location: Middle Floor, South West Corner


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a dragon and it's actually quite dangerous if you come unprepared. So ready your armor and brew some potions because we are gonna hunt us a dragon. 


The Dragon Fight will be hosted on Saturday, January 25th at 1pm EST. We will meet up at the End Portal in the overworld. The office of Community Development has set up a tunnel leading to it so you don't have to trek across 2000 blocks of overworld terrain. A member of Parliament will open up the End portal and only then may you enter. Please try to be on time because we will not be waiting for anyone. 

Once the dragon has been slain the End will be open for raiding so bring anything you will need to get to the outer End islands and find some End Cities.

Good luck and try not to get yeeted into the great space abyss! 

Ender Ender

The Office of Community Development will try to get an End farm going as fast as possible. As of right now we don't have any plans for designs so if you'd like to get involved and leave a mark on this season feel free to apply for Community Development any time by clicking HERE.

As always the Dragon Egg is claimed by Parliament to make sure it doesn't get lost. If you should pick it up after the fight make sure to give it to the nearest staff member immediately.



Kaddaschatzi, Manager of Community Deelopment

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