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Abba Caving Event

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Everneth Abba Caving Event


Saturday Feb 8th| 2pm EST

Place: Will be announced 30ish minutes before the event!






Abba Caving is a winner-takes-all caving game within Minecraft that was originally made popular by the Mindcrack Minecraft community. The basic premise is that individuals or teams try to gather as many ressources as possible in a fixed time.  Different ressources give different scores, and the player/team with the highest total score wins!



  • All players must start and end at the same time!
  • A Silk Touch pickaxe must be used by all participants!
  • Each player has 20 minutes to gather as many ores as possible!
  • Players may dig in any direction from the start point, and may explore any ore caves, etc.
  • Strip Mining is dissallowed unless there is a point in the game where we run out of caves. In that case there will be an announcement lifting this rule.
  • PVP is NOT allowed!

*Note: If you don't have a Silk Touch pickaxe, you'll be provided one for the event!*





Points are awarded per ore block in each players inventory at the end of the allotted time, based on the following table:

                                                      (ORES)                                                                                              (DUNGEON LOOT)

                                     Emeralds- 6 points                                                Diamond, Music disc., Nametag, Saddle- 2 points

                                     Diamonds- 5 points                                              Armor- 2 points

                                     Gold- 3 points                                                        Golden apple- 4 points

                                     Lapis Lazuli- 3 points                                           Notch Apple- 20 points

                                     Redstone- 1point

                                     Iron- 1 point





To sign up for this event, reply to this post


We wish you all best of luck and may the BEST one take all the gooodies 😛

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