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Spleef III Wrap-Up

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Everneth Spleef Tournament III


 It has been a whole 8 months since the last one but we finally did it! The third Evernethian Spleef Tournament took place last Saturday and while some people were having fun, there were some who sadly had to uninstall the game after losing the Finals. Yep I'm talking to you aaron!

We have some medals to give out to those who didn't immediately spleef themselves:

Team Spleef Gold


_Studio528_ & LtSnorlax


Team Spleef Silver


Beolyx & aaronmango


Team Spleef Bronze


WenFuutje & AsTuriuBanana


Golden Shovel


Beolyx - 5



Featherlight Boots


 aaronmango & Beolyx (2)




Beolyx- 2
aaronmango- 2
AsTuriuBanana- 3
Kaddaschatzi- 4
LtSnorlax- 4
_Studio528_ - 4 
FearlessPie - 5


Beolyx - 5
LtSnorlax- 4
Kaddaschatzi - 4
_Studio528_ - 3
aaronmango - 2
FearlessPie - 1
TrebbleM - 0
Sybillian - 0
lemonyfart - 0
Mr_Puddles- 0


*In conclusion we would like to give a big THANK YOU, to everyone who participated and to those who just came by to spectate the match. We are looking forward to seeing you all participating again in other events we have planned!*


This event was only possible with the help of the Community Developers. If you would like to become one apply here.

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