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    Coming Soon to a Server Nowhere Near You Saturday, January 11th, 2020 - 1pm EST The much anticipated wait is reaching its end; Season 5 has come to its resolution and 6 is on fast approach. This last season has been the longest running since our founding back in 2016, running from July 28th, 2018 all the way until January 4th, 2020 (18 months!). What better way to ring in the new decade than with a new map? We, as well as a handful of you, have been hard at work to make sure this goes as smoothly as possible and to generally help promote a better player experience going on from here. Laying Down the Law It would behoove you to understand just how we'll be handling everything at spawn this season, but before we get to that here's a quick rundown of some information on a need-to-know basis: World Spawn will be located at 0,0 (It's really just better that way) The World Border will start at 5,000 blocks out each direction (10,000x10,000) We seem to have crash landed in a dense and overgrown jungle! The server will be running version 1.15.1 As always, the seed will not be given out High Council is still happy to give you a slime chunk map of a requested area Regarding spawn, the decision has been to go for a more lax method of governing builds. Most notably, we're doing away entirely with districts this time around. Within spawn chunks you may build wherever you please, as you please. Shops and homes are no longer in need of Parliamentary pre-approval. However, we ask that you please head out about 100 blocks if you plan on digging underground for a shop/home near spawn, and at least 500 blocks before making a base. Of course your builds are still subject to the limitations of the charter, so make sure you have a reasonable understanding of what you can and cannot do! As for the hub, due to the drastic changes in the upcoming nether update, it is in everyone's best interest that we move the hub above bedrock so that we may reset the nether without the hub becoming casualty to that. A change in how portals work above bedrock in the nether has made this a possibility, and workarounds are no longer a necessity. That said, the hub rules are still applicable and unchanged. For those needing a refresher on the hub rules I would direct you to the Season 5 Nether Hub Rules post. Achievement Get For our achievement hunters out there, Season 6 will implement the BlazeandCave Datapack that Kathi has worked tirelessly on making changes to. This Datapack will include 191 entirely new advancements for you to collect, 11 of which are "super challenges" to ensure you're still hunting late on in the season. Here's the official Kathi categorization of them all: 15 Adventure, 21 Animal, 6 Beginning, 16 Biome, 9 Building, 16 Monsters, 7 Enchanting, 12 End, 15 Farming, 26 Mining, 4 Nether, 6 Potions, and 17 Weaponry. First to complete them all wins a lifetime supply of my undying pity, so get to work. Put Your Stands Up Also packaged into this datapack will be the ability to pose armor stands however you may please. Everyone may collect a book from the official spawn shrine that will allow you to edit armor stands, currently located near the spawn point at 0,0. Look for the particles! A forewarning, the book will disappear if you toss it on the ground. A Head in the Game The much requested, much anticipated, and many times denied feature. All mob heads are now attainable through charged creepers as of this season. We've decided to meet a compromise after turning down this request at least a dozen times before, but it's finally here. It does not follow vanilla convention, so you are able to get more than one head per charged creeper. Use it wisely! Note: Player heads are still not attainable through this method, please don't go around blowing yourself up in the name of science. The Saltines are Freshly Baked For the sake of brevity, I am going to try and give a quick overview of the progress the Saltines have made in the last few months. Perhaps the biggest change you will have noticed is the complete dissolution of the ministries. Like a phoenix from its ashes rises the Community Developers. Again and again we have made attempts to make the ministries work, but truthfully their downfall was a lack of self-motivation. Community Devs are a more dynamic approach to the previous solution, where every Community Dev proposes a project to Parliament which may either be approved or denied, and from there we can accommodate your needs for said project. Upon completion of your project you may be rotated off the Community Dev team to help keep things fresh and active. This system is under a trial period and will almost definitely submit to changes in the future as we find what works. A survey has also concluded that our forums are an outdated, less convenient method of communicating. We will be looking to finally migrate off the forums to Discord as our main entry point for the server. The website will still remain for the sake of organization of information, announcements, and polls where we deem necessary. Future attempts will also be made to *hopefully* kickstart another influx of new members. Recruitment drives in the past have done well enough and voting really helps our relevance ratings in server listings and search engines. Discussion of the roleplay has led us to decide that its best to put off its start until this season is well established. Season 5 taught us the importance of making attempts to not impede on the development of player's bases, and it'd be best to make sure the RP area is far out of the away. In Conclusion. . . Let's try and make this Season the best we can. Keep in mind as we start out here that a lot of changes are being made, and we can only do so many things at once. Practice patience with us as further developments come along. Let's do our best to make sure etiquette is never an afterthought! I thank you for taking the time to read another one of my excessively long posts but I'll wrap it up here as I've completely run out of clever subtitles to give to every section. Get hyped, get some Doritos and your best gamer socks. Let's play some Minecraft! Signed, Riki Current Serving Duke of the High council
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