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  1. Wow, thank you for the information.
  2. Temmies

    The Pizza Box

    I know we would want to discuss this on Discord, but, I think its because that ... uh uh,,, uh,,, hmmm, ... because schools serve bad food, and they serve the knock off brand of pizza (which is square) for copy right reasons? I honestly have no idea!
  3. Question: When the vote is made, and if I'm denied, will I get a notification, or none? I just got a requirements met, and _Pande_ said that I would get a notification if I am accepted, but what if i'm denied, will I get a notification so I can know if I do? Im just curious because it was kind of confusing.
  4. Temmies

    Server-wide tour?

    I could film it, my channel currently has 69,000 views on it in total, I am good at recording and have shaders. So yeah, I'm interested and could record it. I have made trailers for servers in the past, sure,
  5. Temmies

    Favorite Food of all time?

  6. Temmies

    Does Anyone Watch These Shows?

    Nice, I like the Walking dead, Sherlock, and Game of Thrones as well!
  7. Temmies

    Temmie's House Design

    Oh, hello Mr. King! Thanks for the advice!
  8. Im pretty excited about FNaF, Wreck-it-Ralpha 2, Minecraft Movie, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, The Han solo movie, and to ironically see the EMOJI MOVIE.
  9. Yes, I wasn't agreeing with the part about the "Take over shops if they aren't stocked" Thing. I was just confused about the parliament making decisions about peoples builds if a person has been inactive.
  10. Ah, yes I forget about the 30 day rule of inactivity, this makes sense, because if you really cared about your shop, you wouldn't been inactive. (Or your computer got destroyed XD)
  11. No offense, but... This is not the best idea. If this happened, griefing would begin, and chaos about blaming other players for destroying or claiming there shops would start. But, if I get whitelisted, what shop should I build at spawn. Like, a iron shop, a melon shop, what shops haven't been done, that would be original for me to build?
  12. Temmies

    Temmie's House Design

    Yeah, thank you for the double posting, didn't see I did that, also, I don't have that option. Maybe when I get whitelisted I get it? Strange..
  13. This is my house design, if I get whitelisted I'd like to use this, how far away from spawn can I make my house if I get whitelisted? Edit: (It's in the comments section down below) I can't seem to submit photos, can anyone help me to do this?
  14. Temmies

    My Dwarven Cavern/Mountain (Name TBD)

    Man, I have to think of a base design if I get whitelisted, nice idea man!
  15. Temmies

    Minecraft 1.12 Blocks

    Yeah, I guess thats true..