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  1. Question: When the vote is made, and if I'm denied, will I get a notification, or none? I just got a requirements met, and _Pande_ said that I would get a notification if I am accepted, but what if i'm denied, will I get a notification so I can know if I do? Im just curious because it was kind of confusing.
  2. Oh, hello Mr. King! Thanks for the advice!
  3. Yes, I wasn't agreeing with the part about the "Take over shops if they aren't stocked" Thing. I was just confused about the parliament making decisions about peoples builds if a person has been inactive.
  4. Ah, yes I forget about the 30 day rule of inactivity, this makes sense, because if you really cared about your shop, you wouldn't been inactive. (Or your computer got destroyed XD)
  5. No offense, but... This is not the best idea. If this happened, griefing would begin, and chaos about blaming other players for destroying or claiming there shops would start. But, if I get whitelisted, what shop should I build at spawn. Like, a iron shop, a melon shop, what shops haven't been done, that would be original for me to build?
  6. Yeah, thank you for the double posting, didn't see I did that, also, I don't have that option. Maybe when I get whitelisted I get it? Strange..
  7. This is my house design, if I get whitelisted I'd like to use this, how far away from spawn can I make my house if I get whitelisted? Edit: (It's in the comments section down below) I can't seem to submit photos, can anyone help me to do this?
  8. Man, I have to think of a base design if I get whitelisted, nice idea man!
  9. Sign meh up! My IGN is Temmies, just putting my name in incase i get whitelisted!
  10. OH CRAN BERRIES! Oh, I'm sorry...... Please forget I said that, I thought because it was yellow, we could do it. Sorry, I was confused.
  11. Greasy, YAY :D. I have a question, I read the "How To Get Whitelist" Post, and the person who wrote it said I could ask how my Whitelist vote is going, so please don't mind me asking, but, how is my vote doing? Thanks, - Wolfia
  12. I have a question also, Can we use the Shaders mod? I use it almost every single day, and when I turn it off, the game just gets really dull for me. Not the gameplay, I love Minecraft, But the colors of the trees and grass as such. Good Day, - Wolfia
  13. I have a very important question, I don't understand if we can post are Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube on our 'About Me' section. This is important to me, because my banner for my forums profile, is also the banner for my Youtube channel. If any of you on the forum would be extremely helpful, and answer my question. 


    Have A Good Day:D


    - Temmies

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