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  1. fg5

    Do you play any musical instruments?

    Guitar and harmonica, a good duo if you ask me! Guitar being more acoustic and harmonica being a G or A# type.
  2. fg5

    Which Game System do you prefer?

    I'd say Pc only because of the customize-able options and ways to modify things, truly a good way to say "oh bigger hard-drive" because stuff is universal.
  3. fg5

    Favorite Food of all time?

    I'd say eating rice has good texture, flavor and can go well with most meals, I mean it!
  4. fg5

    How many people record?

    I do record myself producing music, not much for recording game play though. My recordings are kept to myself so I have no links ' w '.
  5. I've been enjoying some Space engine and Beamng.drive
  6. fg5

    Do Any of You Have Pets?

    I have three horses and Three dogs but the forum won't let me post images/I don't know how to so I cannot show
  7. fg5

    Favorite game besides MC

    Space Engine.
  8. fg5

    When Did You Join?

    1.7 was the best! I joined 6 years ago.
  9. fg5

    What is your favorite style of building?

    I love medieval, southwestern/native american, underground and rails