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  1. CraftyPlayzYT

    PVP and Seasons

    Ok thanks
  2. Hey, Is the Colosseum a remix of the building in real life Thanks, Your Friend, CraftyPlayzYT
  3. CraftyPlayzYT

    Steam Sunday

    Hey, What is Steam Sunday? Thanks, Your Freind, CraftyPlayzYT
  4. Hi, Is teaming with allowed b/c my friend and I want to team with each other Thanks, Your Freind, CraftyPlayzYT
  5. Hi 2 questions 1.Is there allowed to be Player Vs Player and 2.What are seasons? Thanks, You Friend, CraftyPlayzYT (man that cheese next to me stinks)
  6. CraftyPlayzYT

    Eventful Carnivals

    Ok sorry I didn't know Thanks Your Friend, CraftyPlayzYT
  7. CraftyPlayzYT

    Days I can Login

    Hey, Crafty here I can only log in on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Sometimes, only on one of those days. Reason: A LOT OF HOMEWORK Thanks Your Freind, CraftyPlayzYT
  8. Hi, Crafty here You know on special holidays like Christmas or solstices on Easter, why can't we have like a carnival or egg hunt or something fun where players can just enjoy. Oh also, Faceman Your Highness, nice profile pic also a meme WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS Make it a meme lol Thanks Your Friend, CraftyPlayzYT
  9. CraftyPlayzYT

    Everneth's Seventh Council Nomination: Nominate Here!

    Hmmm. I think puddles GOOO PUDDLES !!!!
  10. CraftyPlayzYT

    Everneth's Seventh Council Nomination: Nominate Here!

    same here boi
  11. CraftyPlayzYT

    Who is king

    um hi who is the king here thanks Your Freind Crafty