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  1. *Nominates self* I'll nom RashE, wouldn't mind him back in the seat again
  2. "Shaun of the dead", zombie comedy at its finest
  3. My favorite features, I'd have to say are the new stone walls, slabs and stairs (for the same reasons as kathi) alongside the lectern. With the lectern giving off a redstone pulse and a charge to the comparator, you can create an immersive reading experience which I'm working on atm while the server heals.
  4. Kordon_Luis (almost forgot to sign up)
  5. if i get a fairly negative response on rails, horse paths will definitely be something i'll do instead
  6. Heyo, Kordon here! We don't have a railway yet. I say yet because I also had ideas of a rail connecting bases that sign up to the nearest station. Two problems though, we already have a nether tunnel system so if someone really wants to get somewhere fast, that's the way to go. And if i actually followed through with it, I would make it free to ride because then less possible riders would use it. Don't get your hopes up though, I had a place for the main station in mind and I haven't gone over it with Kathi yet Kathi don't hurt me ;-;
  7. i have no one from outside the server that wants to team so i'll be a free agent
  8. yeah i'll be someones santa :3
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