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  1. Ahh thank you for clearing it up. I must have been looking at the wrong part of the rules.
  2. I'm not 100% sure on how elections work as in the rules they only explain the offenses of the Parliament. Do people of higher authority get a higher vote compared to the common citizen? Are people not white listed on the server or not in parliament get to vote?
  3. I believe this would be really inefficient as you would need tons and tons of potions to kill the witched that would drop. They would also be killed within a 2 second period of time so you wouldn't rack up the mobs.
  4. Before building the community, try to plan out template houses and a design before starting work so you don't get confused on where everything is supposed to be.
  5. If you were to use potions, try to remember they have a 85% resistance to potion effects and will heal themselves if not killed.
  6. When applying for a whitelist spot, I found that the current place of secret word was very bland and easy to find. I would suggest moving it into a deeper part of the rules and not labeling it "Secret Code". I think this would make more applicants read the rules in depth and look for the word rather than just skimming over everything and missing the whole point.
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